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How to buy a replacement lid or part for Tupperware

Updated on April 24, 2015

Tupperware Identification

I have dealt with Tupperware since 1997. I've bought and sold and resold a lot of pieces of Tupperware.

It's a great product , when it's used as it's intended.

Tupperware is famous for it's lifetime warranty. Which is great but what if Tupperware doesn't make that part any more. Then we turn to the internet to find the replacement part. Wich if you don't know what to look for you'll ed of with the wrong li d or other piece for your Tupperware.

(I little disclaimer here. I don't work for Tupperware at least not now. I have in the past but right now no.)

I love Tupperware - It's what I seek out in the thrift stores.

So how do you find your replacement part.

  • First off locate the Tupperware Mold number the piece of Tupperware you need a part for.
  • Every piece of Tupperware has a mold number on it. See the pix below. The pitcher's mold number is 800-10
  • Now what I do is google Tupperware 800-10 and it come up with all kinds of auctions for this mold number - Eventually someone list the mold number for the top in their ad and then you can search for that number on eBay OR
  • You can goggle Tupperware parts list and go through their list of spare parts until you find the one that corresponds to the part you need.

It's probably cheapest to order off ebay then to get the high pressure sales pitch from a Tupperware lady.


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