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How to buy and plant Daffodils for next spring bloom.

Updated on March 6, 2015

Pictures of Daffodils in flower in many different setting.

Daffodils in bloom that were planted frfom bulbs the following fall and winter over in the ground. For bloom in the spring the following year.
Daffodils in bloom that were planted frfom bulbs the following fall and winter over in the ground. For bloom in the spring the following year. | Source
Single planting of a Daffodil.
Single planting of a Daffodil. | Source
Women taking care of Daffodils along a street in the inner city.
Women taking care of Daffodils along a street in the inner city. | Source

What varieties of Daffodils do you like to plant?

What varieties of daffodils do you like to plant?

See results

I Love Daffodils.

5 stars for I Love Daffodils.

More Pictures of Daffodils

This is a picture taken of a single yellow blooming Daffadil in full bloom.
This is a picture taken of a single yellow blooming Daffadil in full bloom. | Source
This is a picture of a bi color Daffodil in full bloom. Picture taken by me. Gardener Den.
This is a picture of a bi color Daffodil in full bloom. Picture taken by me. Gardener Den. | Source
Great picture of a white flowering Daffodil.
Great picture of a white flowering Daffodil. | Source

How to plant Daffodils bulbs for spring bloom.

Hi Gardening Friends

Here is some information if you want to be successful in growing Daffodils bulbs outside for next spring blooms. Here is what you need to do to be successful with growing daffodils for spring bloom. You can go to your local Garden Center and purchase daffodils bulbs. Or you can buy bulbs from mail order companys and have them delivered to you door. After you get your box of daffodil bulbs open them up and check to see if you receive all of the different bulbs that you have ordered and see if there are any back orders. The mail order company will tell you if there is a variety that is a back order. That information will be on the packing slip. If there is a back order you can call the company up and ask them how long will it be until you will receive the remaining amount of your order. After you get that information you can take your bulbs and go out and start to dig holes to plant your bulbs. If you don't get them all you can plant the ones you have and when you get the other ones in the mail you can go out and plant them.So this is how I would go about planting these bulbs so that you would plant them in the fall so that they would come up and bloom the following year.

Here are a few mail order companies that you can order Daffodil bulbs from.

a. K.Van Bourgondien & sons,inc.

PO Box 2000

Virginia Beach, VA 23450

b. Park Seed

2 Parton Avenue

Greenwood,SC 29647-0002

c. Breck's Wholesale

Bulbs from Holland Since 1818

P.O. Box 296 Cleveland Ohio 45002-0296

Online website: Customer service: 812-260-2147

There are many different kinds of Daffodils to choose from. The most common daffodils to chose from is King Arthur and now they have them improved. These are great daffodils for the beginner to grow and if you want to grow daffodils as a mass planting you can start with this variety. There are many more like All Season, Mix Daffodils all colors,Miniature ,Giant Trumpet,Large Cupped,Large Cupped Pink,Fancy Ruffled Doubles,Split Cup,Classic Jonquils and Taller daffodils. For naturalizing mixed and giant yellow daffodils are great for Naturalizing and you can save big if you buy them by the 1/2 bushel or full bushel Now what is bulb size? Daffodil sizing can be very confusing DN refers to "Double Nose" Now A "DN i is the largest bulb and "DN III" is the smallest. The zone for Daffodils are 3-8 .

You can also buy many different types of Daffodils in large or small bulb amounts. Here are a few different or hard to find varieties of daffodils.

Green eyes center part of flower green and outer part of daffodil flower white flowering.

Tahiti yellow and orange centered flowering.

Recurvus yellow and orange trinned centered with outer white flowering.

White Lion yellow and white double center flowering.

Copper Queen dark copper center and outer petals orange flowering.

Johann Strauss orange centers and white outer petals flowering.

Dwarf minature yellow and white with some orange centers petals flowering Mixture.

Jetfire inner petals of flower orange and the outer petals bright yellow flowering.

Tete-A-Teteminature yellow flowering.

Minnow minature small yellow center and white petal flowering.

There are many other kinds of daffodils and they come in many different colors too. There are large bright yellow ones and ones that have two different colors on the same flowers that is blooming.

Here is what you have to do to prepare the soil for planting daffodils.

First of all you need to fine were you want to plant the daffodils. Then prepare the ground if you want to make a mass planting You need to remove all of the top soil and put organic matter in the soil then you can Rototille the organic matter into the soil. And add a bulb booster fertilizer in the soil and mix it into the soil. When you are planting the daffodil bulbs you would want them planted about 8 inches deep. and then cover them with the soil. Now water the bulbs in well and wait until next spring for the Daffodils to make a great display of flowering spring bloom. After the plants are done blooming let the blooms died if you want you can dead head the plants but if you have to many then don't do it. What you need to do is let the foliage died back and not to cut back until the end of June. Then you can cut them down with hand clippers or if you have to many you can put your mower up and mow then off all above the ground. But wait until the foliage is completely dead at about the end of June or at about that time of the year. The reason why you have to wait until the end of June to cut them back is you need to let the foliage stay green to produce the food for the next year. So that the plant makes and stores the food in the bulb so that it haves enough food store for the next years growth and blooming season. This is with any spring blooming bulbs you wait until the foliage dieds and then you cut them back..

How to start and grow Daffodils in pots for indoor blooms. Here is what you do to grow daffodils indoors for blooms during the colder times of the year when everything is dormant outside. And growing them in pots you can bring a little of spring inside and enjoy the plants blooming and you can start in January and early February in pots for a continues supply of blooms. Here is what you do to have continues blooms or flowering plants for the indoor growing season to enjoy the whole time as it is cold outside and you can't get outside so you can bring early flowering blooms indoors and which you can enjoy. So here is what you do and what you need to have continue blooms. If you really want to start your plants for indoors this is what you need is bulbs . I would try to buy the most common variety to force and I believe that would be is King Arthur the most common of the yellow flowering blooming daffodils that you can use for forcing.You can most likely buy the bulbs from your local garden center or you can buy them from mail order companies like the ones that I have name earlier in this article. Now after you do this and you have your bulbs you can start to plant your pots and what you need there is a six inch or eight inch plastic pots for planting your bulbs for forcing. Also you need potting soil and make sure that your pots have draining holes in them. Now take your pot and put about a third of your potting soil in your plastic pot and take six of your bulbs and place one in the middle and the other five around the one bulb that is in the then carefully cover then with potting soil. After that carefully water your pot or pots thoroughly and set them in a cool unheated greenhouse or garage for six to eight weeks. After that you can bring them indoors and start to water them and with in a few days they will start to grow and slowly bring them into the light and within a couple of weeks you will have beautiful flowering daffodils to share with your family and friends. I hope you try this and let me know what you think. I hope I have helped you and let me know how you did.

Good Luck with growing your Daffodils

Gardener Den

© 2008 Dennis Hoyman


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    • DrBill-WmL-Smith profile image

      William Leverne Smith 

      4 years ago from Hollister, MO

      I love daffodils in the spring. Hope that you have inspired me to plant some this fall! ;-)

    • jim10 profile image


      10 years ago from ma

      Thanks I don't know anything about planting but, I bought a bag of mixed daffodils to plant next month. Do you usually put mulch around them. The bag has 24 different bulbs and I was think of planting them around my mailbox. When they are not in bloom will I just have an area of dirt their? Should I plant something else among them? I live in MA. Thanks for the helpful Hub.


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