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How to choose your jacuzzi tub

Updated on October 28, 2014

What is a jacuzzi bathtub like?

The simplest jacuzzi bathtub represents acrylic, more rarely steel or cast-iron bathtub of any form, with 2 to 8 jets united by a net of plastic water communications with a pump and a pneumatic distant control.

Tresse jacuzzi bathtub
Tresse jacuzzi bathtub

Making the best choice

Acrylic bathtub

The most popular material for making of the jacuzzi bathtub is acrylic. Acrylic is light, solid, and, besides, it is reinforced by a fiberglass from inside, which gives an additional firmness to the tub. Acrylic bathtubs are considered as most practical and comfortable. Besides, thermoplasticity of acrylic allows to make tubs of any form and size, up to gigantic ones of 200 to 200 centimeters and even bigger ones.

As for other advantages, these are good heat capacity, easiness of restauration. Any scratches can be easily grinded and polished.

Steel bathtub

The corpus of a steel bathtub is firm and light. It cannot be split. However, it holds warmth badly and the enamel coating is difficult to restore, especially, if there are jets installed in it. In order to make the steel bath keep warm better, the space beneath it is often filled with mounting foam. However, it is important to remember that in this case it will be difficult to reach for the draining system and the spots where the jets are attached if the necessity calls for it.

Cast-iron bathtub

The bathtub is usually made of cast-iron 5-6 millimeters thick. These tubs are most strong and trustworthy. They keep warmth wonderfully. They really deserve the epithet "eternal". The drawback is that they are very heavy. This is why cast-iron bathtubs are rarely large. Besides, because of the thickness of the metal, it is difficult to cut it and insert the jets. 


The engine is the heart of a jacuzzi. The majority of jacuzzi bathtubs have one engine that has the power of 750-900 Watt. Sometimes, if the bathtub is large or if it has many jets, then the engine has the power of 1500 Watt. Sometimes they install an additional engine in the bathtub. As a rule, it is possible to install the second engine while ordering an acrylic jacuzzi bathtub.

If there is only one engine in the jacuzzi bathtub, different speeds can be switched on. Besides, in this case, there is an additional function of a passive air massage, when air can be added to the water flows. This helps to improve the quality of the massage by making it mixed (water and air). Secondly, it helps nourish water with oxygen which has a healthy effect on the skin, blood circulation and helps achieve many other positive effects.

In sophisticated jacuzzi, jets can be regulated
In sophisticated jacuzzi, jets can be regulated

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Jets: which ones and how many of them?

Jacuzzi jets are made of metal or plastic. Plastic jets are more functional. Despite the fact that their living term is shorter than that of the metallic ones, they can be changed much more easily. New jets are constantly coming on sale that are more original as far as their design is concerned and they have more opportunities. Usually white or chromed jets go together with a tub. However, some producers cover their jets with gold.

Jets can be regulated or not regulated. The jet which is not regulated just guides the water flow produced by the engine inside the bathtub in one direction. When the jet is regulated, you can switch it on and off, regulate the power of the water flow, or the angle at which the water flows.

In a classical jacuzzi, there are 4-6 jets inserted in both sides of the bathtub. They provide for a good muscle massage. Quite often, a bathtub has additional jets for a back massage (usually, 2-4 big jets), the neck massage(2 jets) and feet massage (2 jets). Besides, in some bathtubs there is a possibility of a shiatsu massage that supposes a big quantity of small unregulated jets (from 10 to 80).

The more there are variants of hydro-massage in your bath, the more use and pleasure it will bring you. It is important to bear in mind that the more jets are used during the hydro-massage, the weaker the flow is. More sophisticated bathtubs have a special zone switch. Usually, these are bathtubs for 2-4 people with different kinds of hydro and air massage in every place. With the help of the zone switch you can switch off the jets where they are of no use.

Air massage jets are meant to give air, which is clear from their name. Unlike hydro massage jets, these provide for a very careful massage. Besides, they fill the water with oxygen. Besides this, this gives oxygen to the bodily tissues that in its turn improves blood flow, regenerates tired muscles and fights cellulite.

In brief, it is better to have an air massage in the bath than not to have it.

Lights add romantic atmosphere to your jacuzzi
Lights add romantic atmosphere to your jacuzzi

A little bit of history...

Jacuzzi bath is the invention of Jacuzzi brothers who immigrated to the USA from Italy in 1900. One of the boys in the family needed a massage on a regular basis. As water and massage were known for their healing effects, the first prototype of a modern jacuzzi bathtub was created. The invention was modernized many times ever since and the Jacuzzi brothers got about 250 patents. They had their jacuzzi bath firm functioning around the middle of the 20th century.
Jacuzzi slogan is Water that moves you!

Advanced functions

Remote control

If the engine is the heart of the jacuzzi, then the remote control is its brain. With the help of a pneumatic or electrical remote control multiple functions of the bathtub are fulfilled. These can be types and power of the massage, the work of the jets, light, chromotherapy, radio and CD player, or the inserted TV-set. If this is functionally provided, then the level of the water, heating and other manipulations can be done.


Most of the jacuzzi bathtubs have lights. Lights are purely a decoration, but their presence is extremely pleasant. Especially, if you switch off the light in the bathroom and put the hydro massage on... Very cozy and romantic!

Chromotherapy and the lights

This is an additional function. It is not necessary, but interesting. It is realized through different LEDs and light filters, situated on the lantern. The goal of the chromotherapy is to create the necessary mood and state of mind.

Music and video

As a sound accompaniment in jacuzzi bathtubs there can be an FM radio player, the function of switching on of the CD-player and answering of the phone can be realized. Some producers insert plasma or LCD panels that can work as video or TV.

Other accessories

For more comfort, baths can be equipped with silicon head-holders, handles, stairs, shelves for shampoo and gels, towel holders.


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      Anna Sidorova 6 years ago from Russia

      Thank you everyone for your comments! And congrats for the smart quizzers!

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Oh. My. Goodness. I NEED an acrylic tub! I mean, how COOL do those look???? This was really fun to read. I don't think I'll ever have a really fancy tub, but it's fun to imagine such things!

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      Very interesting information about Jacuzzi tubs. I learned a lot ... and even got 100% on your quiz!

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      Great photos!