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How to clean shower glass doors

Updated on June 15, 2015
Another dirty shower door.
Another dirty shower door. | Source

Keeping your shower doors clean is not an easy task. It is important to care for your shower doors since you will have them for the life of your home.

Although shower doors tend to get scummy and filmy this doesn't mean you have to use harsh chemicals to get them sparkling clean again. It is important to safely clean your shower doors to protect your family from dangerous chemicals.

Ingredients for a homemade cleanup

  • baking soda
  • water
  • baking soda cleaner
  • soft cloth
  • elbow grease


There are green cleaners you can make with ingredients you probably already have in your home. A mixture of baking soda and water will go a long way to effectively clean your shower and its doors. To make a baking soda cleaner simply mix a little water with baking soda. This mixture will form a paste you can rub on your shower doors. Be careful not to use any type of abrasive cloth or brush or it might scratch your glass shower door. Using a soft cloth will do the trick. After you have applied the baking soda paste, rinse the shower doors with pure white vinegar. This will rinse off any left over baking soda paste.

Remember to clean the metal strips that allow your shower door to close tightly. Use the same baking soda paste, and pour vinegar in the track allowing it to sit overnight. Rinse the shower track in the morning.

If you want to prevent the buildup of soap scum on your shower door, use a squeegee and a sponge on your shower door each time you are finished taking a shower. This method will prevent soap scum from hardening on your shower door. It also prevents mold and mildew from growing on the door.

If you do not have the ingredients to make your own shower cleaner, you can purchase a store bought one. Read labels so you buy one that is specifically designed to remove soap scum.

An additional tip is to avoid using bar soap. Bar soap causes soap scum because it has talc in it. Liquid soap does not contain talc, therefore, it does not cause soap scum to build up on your shower doors.

Hard water stains can also be unsightly. An easy solution to prevent these types of stains on your shower door is to remove hard water from sitting on your shower doors. Keep a microtowel handy and simply wipe down your glass shower door after every use. This will prevent hard water from staining your doors.

Stains on your shower doors can look and feel dirty. There are some easy ways to prevent soap buildup, hard water stains, mold and mildew from accumulating on your shower doors. If stains build up despite your best prevention efforts, there are products you can purchase or make to remove those stubborn stains. Keep your shower doors clean. Maintaining your shower doors will help you save money on replacement costs. For more information on handling glass such as cutting, photographing try this url.

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