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How to clean your filthy microwave in minutes

Updated on February 9, 2009


"Please clean up after yourself and remember your mother does not work here". This was a sign clearly displayed in our workplace kitchen dinette corner.  Indeed, our workplace kitchen was nicely spic and span clean. The refrigerator was immaculate, the silverware always shiny, and a pleasant smell of baked apple pie came from an aromatic candle displayed on the table as a centerpiece.

However, there was one lousy area that for some reason everybody had a hard time cleaning. Such area was not easy to perceive upon first visiting that room. The truth came all out once one decided to pop one of those ready meals into the microwave. Then the grotesque sauce crusts along with the pitiful splattered meat sauces were revealed to the unfortunate diner.

Cleaning a microwave can indeed be a challenging task. Nobody really can say it is a pleasurable thing to do. The sauces and gravies tend to splatter and cake just above everywhere, on the bottom, sides, top and on the turn table. Procrastination in such cases is not really worthy. You either wipe it up when fresh or you may find yourself doing double the trouble next time.

However, there are some special insider secrets that people tend to resort to, when planning to make wiping a microwave a speedy and fast experience. Some claim that such cleaning methods allow microwave owners to clean up the microwave back to factory settings in ten minutes or less.

There are different methods that can be experimented, until one finds the one that works best. Here are a few:

1) As  Simple as Water

In order to clean up the mess quickly and effortlessly, the dried, caked mess needs to return in the state it was upon being spilled and splattered in the first place. Doing so requires vapor and humidity. This can be accomplished by filling a microwave proof bowl with water. The bowl is then placed in the microwave and allowed to cook for about 5 minutes. Then, the bowl is left for an additional 3 minutes allowing the vapors to encase all they caked areas. Finally the microwave can be wiped down easily with a sponge.

2) The Power OF Lemon

Cut a fragrant lemon in half.  Squeeze the juice in a microwaveable bowl and add to it about 1 cup of water. Allow to cook for about 8 minutes. The vapors here will works as above however, the lemon will add a pleasurable fragrance and its acidic content will help up cut elbow grease efforts in half!

3) Cook the Towel

Basically, wet well a (cotton only ) dish towel and place it in the microwave. Cook on high for about 4 minutes. Let the towel stay in with the door closed for an additional 4 minutes. Open the door, add some soap on the towel and then when it is easy to handle (careful not to get burned) wipe down the microwave with the towel.

As seen, it doesn't take much to clean your microwave in less than 10 minutes. However, there is really an even faster method to clean up that may take less than two minutes:  wipe the splatters and grease marks right away.


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    • sandykidd profile image


      9 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      This is exactly the article I needed this week. Just in time for birthday party prep!


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