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How to: Remove spilled wax from the carpet.

Updated on January 26, 2015

Candle Wax Removal From Carpet

This is the most effective method of candle wax removal I have found in my years of tackling horrendous carpet stains!

What you will need.. The tools:

1. Butter Knife

2. Paper Towel

3. Clothing Iron

Step 1. Plug in the Iron and set to a medium- high temperature setting. (I suggest started closer to medium and turning the iron up if needed)

Step 2. While your iron is heating up, take a butter knife and scrape as much of the wax off of the carpet as possible while being careful not to smear any coloring into the carpet

Step 3. Once you have brushed away the wax that willingly came off of the carpet, cover the wax affected carpet area with a paper towel

Step 4. Gently iron the area over the paper towel. Be careful to make constant and gentle movements so as not to accidentally burn the carpet by leaving the iron on the same spot too long. As you are ironing the area, you should start to see wax being absorbed from the carpet onto the paper towel.

Step 5. After a significant amount of the wax has been transferred from carpet to paper towel, and you suspect that maybe you have absorbed up the entire stain, you main remove the paper towel to check and see if you might need to spend more time repeating the process.

Step 6. If you need repeat the process longer, use fresh paper towels to repeat the process with.

Step 7. Enjoy your newly repaired rug space!

*it is possible that once all of the wax has been removed from the area, there could be possible coloring stain transferred from the wax into the carpet (which would have happened after the initial spill) if this has happened, any carpet stain corrector should help you out.


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