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How to get rid of clutter in your child’s study room

Updated on April 28, 2015

If you love your kids so much it is a must for us to keep our children’s study room conducive to learning and at the same time free from clutter. Keeping our kids room clean and organize will enable us to keep them secure and safe from unwanted dirt and from impending dangers.


If you desire to maximize the space of your child’s room the following suggestions, tips or pointers can be useful:

Wall pockets – Aside from accentuating your child’s room very well, these are nice for storing art supplies, notebooks, toys and the like.

Magnetic boards – are perfect for storing off kid’s favorite drawings or artworks. You can also place here your family’s calendar of activities, Gantt chart or reminders.

Flexi tabs - Colorful and bendable bins that are sturdy and safe for kids. It easily holds balls, helmet, and other massive objects that tend to pile up when you have a child in your home.

Moveable shelves – you will like this for sure, movable shelves that you can move from one place to another and stack anyway you want. You may place it under the table side by side or stack in an unused corner.

Catchall chest – Children loves their toys to be visible and accessible. You may assign different colors to your kids. This chest is also best for storing various toys.

Wall storage – hanging shelves can be very useful in storing toys that doesn’t fit in your toy chest. You may roll up a plastic cover, artworks, projects and the like to save space further and place all of these in the hanging shelves. You can also place caps and capes used for role-playing here.

Clutter is not only a distraction when a child is studying. Keep into mind that internet, cellphones and TV are also potent attention getter. Whenever your kid studies, make sure that his Facebook account is not open and/or his cellphone is turned off and he is away from television. If your kid is exposed to distractions chances are he will become lethargic and will lose his appetite for his lessons.

I hope this write-up helped you on how organize the study rooms of your children or kids.


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