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How to grow Perennials from seed.

Updated on June 29, 2014

I love to Grow Perennials from seed.

5 stars for I love to grow Perennials from seed,

Growing Perennials from seed?

Hi Gardening Friends

If you are interested in growing Perennials from seeds here is some suggestions that can help you out in your success in this task of growing Perennials from seed.

First as always you have to start out with clean and sterilized seed

flats. Also you need to start with a germination mix as your soil to sow your

seeds in. Then as always get your seed catalogs out and pick out the perennials that you want to grow from seed. You can then go to the

Telephone and place your order for your seed. It usually takes 7 to 10 days

for the seed to arrive from the seed company usually they come in the mail first class. Now after your seed arrives to your home. Check and make sure that your seeds are all there. If not see that if there is any back orders and if so see how long will it be until the seed comes from the seed company. Now get your seed flats ready for planting fill the seed flat half full with germination mix then take the flat and soak it and let it drain before you sow your seeds.

Now get the perennial seed that you want to start in this flat. Here is a example

of starting a perennial. The perennial that I want to discuss about is Lupines

Lupines are very easy to grow from seed. First with lupines you have to freeze the seeds for 48 hours then soak seed for 24 hrs. in a damp newspaper before you sow their seed.

After that you can sow your seeds just take the seed packet and broadcast the seed evenly over the entire seed flat. Don't cover the seed let them uncovered. After you are done with all of that you take the seed flat and

mist the entire seed flat and then put the flat on a greenhouse bench or

in your house on a propagating mat.

LUPINUS polyphyllus

Zones: 4-8

Temperature 65 - 75 degrees

10-12 days to germination

Russell Strain Lupines

Here are some other perennials that you can grow from seed.

Aquilegia caerulea







Hardy Candytuft



Echinacea Purple and White Cone flowers



Shasta Daisy


There are many more that you can grow from seed. I think you should try to grow perennials from seed. I hope this helps you.


Gardener Den

© 2008 Dennis Hoyman


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