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How to grow egg plant from seed. Part 1

Updated on February 21, 2014

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Like to try to grow eggplant from seed?

Hi Gardening Friends

Here is some information on growing Eggplant from seed.

First of all you need to get your seed catalogs out and pick out the kind of eggplants that you would like to grow there are many different kinds of eggplant that you can start from seed. Here is a few varieties of eggplant that you can easy grow from seed. Many different types of eggplant that you can grow from seed. There are Open Pollinated types,White Hybrid,types and Bell

Shaped Hybrids types.

Here are some types that I think you can grow from seed in your home on a propagating mat and a grow light above the seed flats.

Open Pollinated Types:

a.Italian Pink Bicolor - 75 days. This eggplant is large O/P oval

cream/rose 8 in/20 cm fruit mature rose pink.

b.Black Beauty - 80 days. Standard egg shaped,dark purple O/P.

White Hybrid

a. Cloud Nine - 65 days. Cylindrical/oval F1 similar to Casper.

7 inches/ 2 3/4 inches wide with a green calyx and pure white skin.

Good foliage cover.

Bell Shaped hybrids

a. Fairy Tale - 50 days. Slim 8 inch long bicolor white fruit with violet

purple stripes are very sweet and tender An All AMERICAN AWARD


b. Millionaire - 55 days. Early, 10 inch long glossy black fruit with purple calyx are 2 inches wide. Tender Flesh.

c. Dusky - 56 days the best oval type. Fruit are deep pear sharped.

glossy purple - black harvest at 5 in/13 cm. TMV.

You can sow seeds indoors from March the 1st to April the 1st

What I do first is make sure that my seed flat is clean and sterilized

then I fill my flat half full of a sterilized germination mix and then soak the whole flat with water. You let the flats set and drain then you get your

eggplant seed packet and first get a tag and mark the kind of eggplant

that you are going to plant. Now you can take the seed packet and

sow the eggplant seed sow the seed evenly. i perfer not to cover the seed but if you want you can cover the seed lightly with germination mix. Then take the flat of newly sowed seeds and mist the entire flat and put the flat on the propagation mat at a temperature of 70-75 degrees.

It usually takes about 5- 10 days for the seed to germinate. After the seeds

are big enough and have their true leaves you can transplant them into 3 inch pots and you can harden them off by cutting back the water and setting them outside when the weather permits. Let me know how you have done if you try eggplant from seed.

Happy Gardening to all my gardening Friends

Gardener Den

You can lookup my hub growing eggplant in containers.

© 2008 Dennis Hoyman


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