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Growing Plants From Seed

Updated on March 17, 2017
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Trudy otherwise known as tlcs, loves to garden! I have a passion for beauty and can see it in my gardening. I love sharing my experiences.

outstanding | Source

How to grow flowers from seed

How to grow flowers from seed using my basic and cheap methods will enable you to obtain a garden of colour with a variety of different flowers, herbs and vegetables all at a fraction of the cost and time.

This is just one hub of a series of hubs that I am intending on writing about throughout the summer, all of the hubs related to time that you spend in the garden and what needs to be done next.

For example it isn't the time to clear your borders just yet until you can see your bulbs previously planted all making way through the cold soil.

However, now would be just right in the UK to start sowing those seeds.

It's time!

Here in the UK the weather has played some real tricks on us budding gardeners this year!

Generally I would have already planted my seeds for my vegetables, herbs and flowers by now, but that said I have left it later this year!

After ensuring that my suntop (greenhouse) was clean and free from any insects of any kind I decided it was time to get started with sowing my seeds.

Always successful from seed, marigolds.
Always successful from seed, marigolds. | Source

Choose the seeds you would like to sow

The first thing that I do, is go through all of my seed packets and find what I would like to grow in the garden this year.

My aim this year is too transform my rockery into a herb garden and to use all of my pots for flowers, my borders will consist of hardy plants with a few annuals in some areas and my large pots I have decided to do vegetables in.

A technique for sowing seeds that works

Firstly, all you will need is some trays and small pots, compost, a trail, some clear sealable bags a permanent marker pen, a bottle of water with a small sprayer nozzle and somewhere with enough space for you to work, preferably a table.

Spread out a few trays and pots at a time (ensure that they are clean and ready to be used for your new seedlings).

Open your bag of compost and using the trail insert some of the compost into the trays and the small pots, not completely to the top because you need to sow your seeds and then add more compost.

Now, spray the compost until it is moist using your water.

Open your seeds that you have chosen (ensuring that you check the dates for sowing indoors on the back of the packet).

Gently and slowly either shake the packet of seeds over the compost (use one tray or pot for each packet) try to get the seeds spaced out a little to ensure they have room to develop.

It is not necessary to use the whole packet of seeds just enough to cover the soil leaving sufficient room between each seed for them to grow, the rest of the seeds in the packet can be used if your first batch does not germinate, so fold the packet over securely and keep in a dry container for future use.

Cover the seedlings over with more compost, not too much remember they only need to be covered lightly, too much and the seeds will be suffocated and will not be able to germinate (this is my findings with experience).

Gently firm down the soil and spray again with a little water until moist.

Using your marker pen write on the clear sealable bag the seedlings you have sown and the date.

Take the tray or pot and insert into the bag and seal the bag.

Put the tray or pot in a light, dry and warm position to allow germination.

It is not necessary to check your pots or tray for at least four days just occasionally take a look to see whether any little seedlings have sprouted.

Continue this method until you have sown all of the seeds you would like to see in your garden this year.

This video should help with your herb growing

Daffodils in the garden are the first sign that Spring is on its way!
Daffodils in the garden are the first sign that Spring is on its way! | Source

Make sure that your trays or small pots do not dry out!

It is essential that you keep an eye on the trays and small pots in the bags.

Condensation will appear on the bags so gently tap the bag to remove the condensation, when you open the bags you will instantly be able to see if the soil has become dry, by using a small hand sprayer open each bag in turn and gently spray with the water.

If you do not do this you will find that the seeds will not germinate and this can become extremely frustrating!

Some days are hotter than others and greenhouses do get hot so take this tip of checking at around tea time that your trays have not become too dry.

Storing your remaining seeds in their packets

As I have said earlier, it is not necessary to sow all of the seeds in the packet as you will find that you will have far to many seeds to grow on just sow what you need.

It is then crucial that you make sure that the remaining seeds that you have in the packet are kept very dry, so, ensure that you fold over the packet so it is sealed and put the packet somewhere dry and fully labeled ready for next year and so that you know what is in the packet.

There is nothing worse than going into your box with your seed packets in and not knowing what is in the packet! Believe me I know. I had an awful habit of using the seeds that I wanted then folding over the packet and not labeling the packet and the following year on sowing the seed thinking the seed looked like marigold seeds and found that they weren't marigold seeds at all! Lesson learned.

This video should help with your flower growing from seed

It's great seeing your pots all lined up and growing nicely!
It's great seeing your pots all lined up and growing nicely!

This kindle could be very useful to you for reading my other hubs!

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© 2012 Trudy Cooper


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    • tlcs profile image

      Trudy Cooper 5 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      Thank you samadasalam, I am a very keen gardener and over the years have found lots of ways to speed up the process of growing from seed.

    • samadaslam profile image

      Samad Aslam Khan 5 years ago

      Well it's related to one of my website and I loved it. I'm working on the same field. I got some good ideas from your hub. Thanks for sharing it!