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How to grow the perennial Oriental Poppies from seed.

Updated on February 21, 2014

Pictures of Oriental Poppies


What Variety of Oriental poppy do you like to grow? The Color?

What Variety of Oriental Poppy do you like to grow?

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How to grow Oriental Poppies from seed.

Hi Gardening Friends.

This is a hub about growing Oriental Poppies from seeds.

First of all what you need like always to grow Oriental Poppies from seeds is clean propagating flats and fill them half full with germination mix.

I love Oriental Poppies

5 stars for I love Oriental Poppies

© 2008 Dennis Hoyman


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    • profile image

      dafla 9 years ago

      Just a frugal tip on the flats. You can get free flats from places like Wal-Mart and Home Depot. They usually keep them under the tables of annuals for people to use, and they'll gladly let you have a few.

      I wish I could grow poppies down here in Florida. Mine in SC used to reseed every year.