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How to install entrance,outside and inside wooden door - Simple steps you can to do

Updated on January 13, 2012
Front door
Front door | Source
Entrance door
Entrance door | Source


Doors for privacy

Doors are provided for privacy. Any house can be completed after fitting the doors. So, Doors are considered as good as other construction material. In a house every where the partition like classroom type will not work. We need a door for privacy.Starting from young married couple to special guests and relations enjoy the privacy enclosed room with a door.Even we think to avoid the doors it is impossible in this world. We shall put in this way. Anywhere , Everywhere the doors are inseparable from any type building as well as anybodys life. Everybody has his/her own story about the doors. May be selection, may be usage, may be a hit, may be incident, may be accidents.


Depends on the usage, we have got various types of wood doors.I would like to enlight some types of wood door which we are using day to day life.

  • Tee door
  • Batten door
  • Flush door
  • Moulded skin door
  • Metal door
  • French door

Tools required

  • plumb bob
  • pencil
  • screw driver manual or electric one or battery operated;
  • Drilling machine for predrilling;
  • wooden plugs;
  • wood screws (depends on thickness of door and frame)
  • Hinges
  • Door lock
  • tower bolt
  • Door closure ( if needed)
  • Door lense
  • Measuring tape


  • Select the door , is it for entrance or back door or inside door or internal door.The is variety of doors available in the market.If it for entrance normally we have to go for external type or strong door. It is advisable to select the right door for entrance. Otherwise we have spend a lot for money for servicing now and then.
  • Select the design, if it is for entrance , people like engraved one or moulded skin door.Nowadays moulded skin doors famous, like the one Masonite makes.It is no matter if you select same type of door for inside rooms also.
  • Select the size , prepare your mind before doing this. Size of the door depends on your comfort what you are going to bring in.Even though your architect decides the door size, you should have an idea about the size .
  • Select the thickness, it entirely depends on you, where your staying , what type of security you need etc., For inside room you can choose less thickness than Entrance one.
  • Select the hardware, here also we decide what type of hardware we shall choose.Better you go through the catalogue for the choice, instead getting advise from somebody.
  • Select the colour, Some doors like moulded skin door comes with variety of wood species colour , where we have a choice to match with our wall painting.Or we can go for ordinary one to get it stained or painted as per our choice and mood.
  • Select the Door frame, one of the important element for the door to hang. For the wooden door always go for wooden frame. Do not just choose the frame. More than doors the frames are very important, because it is going to hold and bear the weight of the door.Most important both the wooden door frame and door should be made out of seasoned wood.Please read the hub , How to choose seasoned sawn wood for joineries, to get the right idea about seasoned wood.


  • Check for straightness with plumb level both door frame and the door.If it is not straight correct with hand planner.
  • Do minimum 2mm chamfering both for door frame and the door, to avoid friction between wooden frame and door.
  • Hinges should be selected depends on the weight of the door going to hang or durability of the same. Mostly 100mm or 125mm heavy duty or light duty hinges choosen from hardware stores.Better you go for heavy duty one.
  • Hinges should be fixed 150mm from top and bottom of frame and balance are should be centered to fix other no of hinges. It depends on the size.
  • After marking the space for hinges in frame and door, the wood should be chipped off to the thickness of hinges.Do not go for too much deep , otherwise you door play will be uncontrollable.
  • Before fixing the screws , do predrilling to a minimum length inside marked area, both frame and door.
  • First fix the hinges to the door and then by holding fix the other part of hinges to the wooden frame. Make sure it is fixed in a exact line. Otherwise it creates more gap, or closing trouble some.

Dealing with lipped doors

Some of points to be considered while dealing with lipped doors. Lipped doors are made inorder to protect the edges of doors getting damaged or decorative purposes to match the door faces.Nowadays the lipping is done with 1mm thick decorative veneer to 10 mm thick beading also. This lipping specification varies depends on country to country and the purpose of uses. Following points will help us fixing of lipped door to door frame.

1. Always make sure about the dimensions before you order for the lipped door. Modifying the lipped door after purchasing is not recommended. May be this will give problem in uneven sizes of lipping or spoil the aesthetic look or complete lipping will go away.Even if is thin lipping you can't match with the decorative faces of the door.

2. Go for minimum recommended size of lipping to avoid any damage or misuse of while operation.

3. For decorative face doors like teak, steam beech, mahogany, cedar , you must choose the same species beading as lipping. Otherwise it will not give you good appeal.

4. Depending on the usage the beading should be lipped to the door with interior or exterior grade glue to avoid beading coming out.If it is bathroom side door because of water , the beading should be lipped with exterior or nearest exterior grade glue.

5. Always go for branded door with long time manufacturing techiques. This will help us to make use of the door as per their instructions with experience.

6. While fixing the lock avoid the lipping area.


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 7 years ago

      Thank u paradigmsearch for stopping by and commenting. I am very happy that my article helps you to save something.

    • paradigmsearch profile image

      Person of Interest 7 years ago from SoCal, USA

      Excellent article. Saves me from paying someone a $100 to do this for me!

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 8 years ago

      Thank u sabbatha1 and abinavis for commenting.

    • abinavis profile image

      abinavis 8 years ago from Bat Island

      I like to read this hub. Nice topic and excellent the writing skill of you. Keep up writing.

    • sabbatha1 profile image

      sabbatha1 8 years ago from

      Thanks for sharing your information excellent hub.

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 8 years ago

      Thank u for sharing your opinion. There is two things 1. Depends on the height the no of hinges fitted.2. Depends on hinges size also.

    • profile image

      joseph houston 8 years ago from Round Rock, Texas

      I guess this is for putting a door together. It does not tell me how to hang a door. Rough opening are framed 2-1/2 inches larger than the door - why? Doors to 6-ft 8-inches have two hinges, doors over 7-ft have three. Keepers are adjusted after the door is hung. Door stops (molding on the jamb of the door) can be adjusted slightly after the door is hung. All in all a good conversation on door selction.

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 8 years ago

      thank u dohn121.

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      This is a very good instructional hub. Thank you for sharing this!


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