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How to keep your home clean when you don't want to clean it.

Updated on October 26, 2009

How to keep your home clean when you don't want to clean it.

Are you sick and tired of having to keep your home clean?  Do you want an answer to your cleaning problem?  Well, I will let you in on my little secret on how to keep your home clean when you don't want to clean it.

Here are the ideas:

  • In ever little closet space in your house, you should really try putting various types of cleaning gear to be used whenever needed.  For instance, in the bathroom you should have all purpose cleaner and a sponge that is easily accessible.  Further you should keep a duster in your room along with a big bottle of disinfectant.  Basically, make sure that when a spill happens, you are ready for the clean up process.
  • When there is a mess in the bathroom, go into the cupboard that you have prepared and pull out the cleaning gear.  Take the all purpose cleaner and soak the soiled area.  Wait a few minutes for it to do its job.  Take your handy cloth and wipe down the area that has been soiled.  You should put a little elbow grease into the areas that are really dirty.  To tell if you have done a good job, look at the spot that you have cleaned.  You should see your face in its glossy surface.  Remember to put your cleaning gear back in its area so it can be used for future jobs.
  • After you have done the dishes start cleaning the kitchen.  Take the cloth or brush that you have used to wash the dishes and start rubbing the kitchen counters.  If you are picky about using the same cleaning utensil as what you have used for the dishes, easily grab another one.  The idea is that you are continuously cleaning and not having to think about starting the job.  So, to continue, scrub all the areas of the kitchen and, like the bathroom, look to see if your face shows up in the clean areas.  If it does, you have done a good job.  Put away the cleaning gear!
  • When you are in the shower washing your body, multitask.  Get a scrub brush and start cleaning the walls, floor, taps and shower head.  You can even use the soap you used to wash your body (Don't worry, I won't tell anyone).  This will make sure your shower area is always clean.
  • For bedrooms, I would recommend keeping the vacuum close.  This way you can quickly take it out when you are in desperate need of dust removal.
  • Make sure your wash your cleaning gear.  Remember you are here to clean.  You don't want to transfer dirt from one room to the next.  That would be wasted efforts.

These were a few ideas on how to keep your home clean when you don't want to clean it.  I hope they change your life.  I know these measures have changed mine. 


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