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Inspiring Ideas for Woodworking Projects

Updated on March 24, 2017

If you are like me you have spent hours on the internet looking for inspiring ideas and creative projects that you can use to make a personal statement for your home, shop or office. I would find cool ideas and pictures but no plans or plans that didn't work. I bought ebooks and even found some woodworking project books at garage sales but the projects were so generic and uninspiring that I just wasn't motivated to get them going.

I figured if I wasn't that excited about the pictures I couldn't justify committing the time or money to make the project. I wanted to find fun bed ideas to make for my kids so their rooms would be different than the standard stuff we found in the furniture store and I really wanted to find some motivation for that man-cave I always promised myself.

If you dive into woodworking projects you will not be disappointed, the results just get better and better and your creativity can really let loose and make unique and personalized one of a kind creations that fit your needs perfectly.

Check out these cool projects!
Check out these cool projects!

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So I know I said I would show you how to go from uninspired shop class dropout to a pro styled woodworker but I wanted to make sure you found a little motivation first and think about what kind of projects you are interested in making. My first real motivation came when I wanted to make a really great crib for our new baby. The baby room theme was going to be airplanes so I thought I would make a plane inspired crib, I was ready to be the Dad of the year! Well, not so much. I found some basic plans in a book and set out to make the crib but when I was done it looked more like a plane crash than a great safe space my new son. So instead we bought a standard crib so at least he was safe!

Since that epic fail I have improved a lot! And I will show you how I went from wood dud to this level of wood working stud...check out these photos

Easy and Inexpensive Garden Planter

Did you catch the photo of the cool train crib above? Well by the time came around for me to be the best grandpa I could make this amazing train crib for our first grandson and it was awesome to see him sleeping in something I had made.

This is my secret! Honestly this was the best thing I ever found...there are 16,000 projects and they range from simple weekend projects to large builds and art pieces. Whatever you want to build there is a plan for it here and the bonus is that it is 1-time purchase, no ongoing costs for support and member forums just great ideas, great plans and support for questions and sharing finished projects all for one reasonable price.

I have build many of these projects including a storage shed, outdoor furniture and bed frames. I think the next project will be the puzzle table for my grandson and it will be a great time to get to spend some extra "guy time" with my son as we build the project together.

Probably my favorite things about doing these projects is that I can choose between some great alone time or true quality time with my kids and when the project is done it actually serves a purpose and is useful. I have gotten so many compliments and friends asking if I can make them something as well.

If you aren't sure about getting into woodworking projects try out the easy garden planter from the video above and see how much it can be to watch a project come to life. One of my favorite things about woodworking projects is that there are so many choices for materials and I enjoy experimenting with wood types and love when I can recycle and upcycle old wood, especially pallets, that I can find for free a lot of the time. Giving things new life, and saving them from a landfill, is just one of he extra benefits of doing woodworking projects. If you run a search or pallet projects you can find a lot of great ideas and inspiration. Check out these photos for ideas!

Corny but fun and useful tips!


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