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How to make a fleece tie blanket

Updated on January 6, 2012

Want a great present to give that everyone will enjoy? Or would you like a new gift for yourself that you can easily make! Then this fleece tie blanket is for you!This easy how to is great for babies, children, teens, and adults! You get to design your blanket with the patterns you like and colors you love. This can cost you from 25 dollars up to about 70 (depending on the fabric you choose). I have made multiple blankets and they all take around an hour to an hour and a half to make. The fleece makes the blanket incredibly soft and warm, also the fringe around the edge makes likes blanket look like you put some really hard work into it! Don't be afraid if you're not good at crafting because this is a NO-SEW blanket! You do not have to be perfect when it comes to cutting and measuring. I always thought that a fleece tie blanket must be very difficult and hard to make, but once I tried I realized how simple and easy it was. So I decided to give them out as gifts on Christmas. At least in my opinion I know that I would prefer a gift that someone put their quality time and effort into instead of something store bought. Homemade gifts are the best and everyone loves them! So try out this today! Keep reading for tips and directions on how to make your own fleece tie blanket.


Things you will need:

2 yards of a solid colored fleece (bottom of your blanket)

2 yards of a fleece with design (top of your blanket)

Clothes Pins

A good pair of scissors

Tape Measure

NOTE: If you are making this for a young child or baby use one yard for fleece instead of two.


Step 1. Get all of the things you will need together.

Step 2. Cut off the extra piece of fabric from fleece. This piece normally has a name and you can tell does not match the rest of the fleece. Do this one both pieces of fleece.

Step 3. Next, put the fabric you want to be on the bottom on a large flat surface, then place the fleece you want to be top right on top of the other piece. Line up all edges and cut off any extra spots that aren't covered.

Step 4. Then I like to place the clothes pins all around my blanket so it stays in place and doesn't move when you begin to cut the fringe.

Step 5. After that you will need to cut out a 4X4 inch piece out of the fabric on each corner. (This will make your fabric be able to tie all the way around)

Step 6. Next, you will begin to cut the fringe of your blanket. I like to place something heavy on top of my blanket so that the fabric won't move and I can try and get as straight of a line as possible. Begin at a corner where you cut out your square, then cut all the way until you have reached the end of that 4 inch cut mark. So your length of the fringe will be 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. Try and make these cuts as straight as possible. After that you will need to continue cutting all the way around your blanket.

Step 7. Then after you have cut your fringe all the way around your blanket, you are going to need to tie all off these tassels. You can choose to tie them into single or double knots. Double knots hold the best. So if you were to wash the blanket you wouldn't have to worry too much about the knots coming undone. Tying the knots take the longest in making the blanket so please be patient! I assure you, that you will love the blanket once it is finished.

Step 8. As you can probably see that there are some lines in your blanket from the tying. So you are going to need to stretch it out. Just give each side a good tug and there you have it! Your very own fleece tie blanket! I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading:)



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