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How to pick your Composting Worms for your worm composting bins

Updated on April 10, 2017
Composting Worms for Worm Composting Bins
Composting Worms for Worm Composting Bins

Raising Composting Worms in composting bins

You can't go wrong with deciding to raise composting worms and have a worm composting bin inside your house in the kitchen for your table scraps or outside for your lawn's organic garden wastes. There will be no major downside on keeping composting worms but only benefits as worms will cut down on your throwing of garbage, they're great in keeping your garden soil conditioned and will do wonders in enhancing your garden soil's fertility.

Red Wiggler worms
Red Wiggler worms

Species of Composting Worms for your Worm Composting Bin

Red Wiggler worms for Composting worms

Red Wiggler worms (Eisenia Foetida) also known common names are branding worms, red worms, tiger worms and manure worms are very popular as composting worms because of their adaptation on organic decaying materials they thrive on. They are dark-brownish-red in color, it is very active, wiggles a lot when disturbed and produces a pungent slime when placed on dry surfaces or threatened. Red Wiggler worms are popular because of their efficiency in worm composting. As long as there's an abundance of organic waste as food, they can eat up to 1 and a half times their own body weight in 24 hours and can produce worm castings as much as 75% of their own body weight. Red Wiggler worms as composting worms will burrow no deeper than 12" from the soil's surface and are classified as Epigeic worms making them very ideal for worm composting. More prolific in a controlled environment

African Nightcrawlers
African Nightcrawlers

African Night Crawlers as Composting worms

African Nightcrawlers (Eudrillus eugeniae) also a favorite in worm composting can grow to 6-8" long, usually has a flat belly and a reddish-pink in color. These worms are very heat tolerant; they are well adapted in regions with tropical or subtropical climates that they can actually withstand as much as 100+F but won't tolerate low temperatures. African Nightcrawlers seem to thrive on temperatures from 80 to 100 F. Outdoors, worm composting bins with African Nightcrawlers must have a lid, flooding their burrows with too much water or rain will really make them crawl. More prolific in a controlled environment like worm farms

Canadian Nightcrawlers
Canadian Nightcrawlers

Canadian Night Crawlers as Composting worms

Measuring up to 14 inches (35.6 cm) Canadian Night Crawlers are large and distinctively chubby amongst worms, they are more preferred as fishing worms because of their size and thickness that can be easily threaded on hooks and can last up to 5 minutes submerged. One problem with Canadian Nightcrawlers is that they can't survive temperatures higher than 65 °F (18.3 °C) Therefore, while fishing, it is best to keep them refrigerated and avoid having them or its container soak up the sun. Canadian nightcrawlers will not survive on conventional worm bin environments because of the temperature that will eventually rise inside the worm bin, so when keeping them, make sure you have the right materials to use on your worm composting bin.

Gray Nightcrawlers
Gray Nightcrawlers

Gray Night Crawlers as Composting worms

These composting worms are usually commercially grown in sand and peat moss. They are easy to raise and will quickly grow about 4 inches (10cm) in length average. They are gray-pinkish and will violently wiggle when disturbed or feel threatened.

Buying Composting Worms
Buying Composting Worms

Buying your Composting Worms for your Worm Composting Bin

Depending how "hardcore" you want your composting worms for your worm composting bin, you should be familiar on how to recognize a specie from another. Some of these worms are commercially available in your local stores and all composting worm species can be ordered online; just make sure to order from a reputable online worm farm store.


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