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How to refinish wood floors step-by-step

Updated on March 15, 2010

If you are looking to refinisher wood floors there are some things to consider.  The first thing that you should consider is whether you can do it yourself.  I knowing this, you can save yourself time by not looking for information on refinishing the floor and instead using your resources to find a reliable professional who can do the job at a decent rate and give you professional, quality results.  If you decide that you can indeed do your floors yourself then this easy to follow guide will help you begin the process of having nice, beautiful refinished floors in no time.

Refinishing floors is really as easy as 4 simple steps.  Just like anything else when it comes to do it yourself projects, its the prep work before the task is started that really matters.  That said, you are going to need a little more patience so you can take your time and do the process correctly.

Step one: Clean the floor of debris.

You are going to first want to sweep the floor completely and clear it of all dust and debris.  I like to first get rid of the big stuff on the floor with a casual sweep and then vacuum and finally go over the floor with a damp mop.  Make sure that cleaner that you are using is made for hardwood floors.

Also your going to want to make sure that all nail heads, staples, and tacks are either removed from the floor or pounded down.  The reason why you want to do this is so there is nothing in the way or in the floors that can conflict with the floor sander when you begin sanding.

Step two: It is time to sand the floors

There are two types of Sanders that are made for wood floors.  The drum sander is perhaps the best sander to choose because when you stand with this type of sander you can sweep the floor in a back-and-forth motion that is in line with the wood grain of your floors.  The difference between using a drum sander and a disk sander is a disk sander does not produce is even or uniform finish is a drum sander.  Unlike the drum sander which sands uniformly in line with the wood grain, the disk sander sands in a circular motion.

You should start with one complete pass over the wood floors using the drum sander.  He will also need a power sander or sanding block so you can stand the edges and get around the trim work that the drum sander can't reach.  Once she passed over the floors once, you will need to decide whether another turn a sanding should be done to the floors.  Just remember, when you start sanding, you can go back.

Step three: Time to clean the floors

At this point, you will have a lot of dust from the sanded wood and he will need to go over the floors with a broom and clean the floors again.  I suggest he go over the floors with a damp mop again as well.  He will need to make the floors as clean as possible because the next stage is actually applying a finish and a protective coat and if floor is not spotless, the dust and debris will get stuck in the finish of your wood floors.

Step four: It is time to stain your floors and protect them with a protective coat

So far we have made sure that the floors were very clean before we started sanding, we sanded our floors using a drum sander using a power sander to get around the edges that are sander could not reach, and finally we cleaned the floors thoroughly before the step ahead.

Now it is time to stain the floors with whatever finish you decided on.  Once we stain the floors, will want to add a protective coat that is clear as well.  You can add his many layers of stain and protective coat as you want to one to make sure they each coat is completely dry before you at another coat.

That's pretty much it.  The real key here is that you will need to be very patient and understand that the longer it takes in time, the better results he will most likely get.  Once again, refinishing your floor may not be a thing that you would feel comfortable doing on your own.  If this is the case, then you may want to enlist and hire a professional contractor to finish this job for you.


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