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How to Secure Your Home With Minimum Effort

Updated on January 31, 2020
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Megan is a writer who works at the junctures of science and stories.

Have you ever had thoughts of what would happen if someone broke into your house? Or even worse - if you were inside at that moment? Do you have a plan for this? Of course, we cannot always be hyperattentive and protect ourselves from all the troubles of the world around us. That is why there are many efficient ways to simplify the process of safeguarding your home, like installing security systems. There are also many ways to enhance the security and protection of your home from those who have no right to anything in it with minimum effort.


Put things in order

If a lot of things are scattered around the yard, you give potential thieves devices to penetrate the house. For example, if you paint the facade of a house and leave a staircase near it at night, it will be much easier for someone to get into the window, you have to move the stairs. Yes, it seems redundant to put away the things that you will use the next day, but it шs much worse to deal with someone who sneaks into your house, steals, or hurts your family.

Never leave any keys in the car

Often we leave home keys in the car, but this means that everyone who gets to your car will have access to your house. Even if you have a remote control for automatically opening the garage door, do not hold it in a conspicuous place.


Cut bushes in the yard

The houses, which are surrounded by overgrown bushes, are a paradise for those who want to enjoy someone else's good because this is a high shelter. It is easy to hide in bushes, to be out of sight from noisy neighbors and patrol cars. Cut the bushes near the house so that no one can use them as a shelter in the dark.

Grow plants with spikes under windows

If a thief wants to get into the house through a window, the only thing that will stop his plans is a small bush with thorns. Grow bushes of roses or other prickly plants under the windows to restrict access to thieves (or at least make it painful).


Install flashlights with sensors for motion

One of the things you can do to scare thieves out of the yard is to install traffic lights with sensors. This will scare most thieves if lights will with on with their movements. It also will wake you up in the middle of the night to check the door or yard.

Supply the dog plate

Even if you don't have a dog, those who want to rob you do not necessarily know about it. So put a dog bowl on the porch. This, at least, gives the impression that there is a huge dog inside, which will drive the thief away as soon as he takes a look at your things.

Put things in order before leaving

Those who are about to commit a robbery know that if the owners are not at home, your house is easy to get inside. Therefore, if you are going on vacation, make sure that the appearance of the house does not reflect this. Ask someone to mow the lawn in the yard regularly or to clear the yard of snow in snowy weather.

Install fake cameras

You don't even have to connect the camera to electricity, because most thieves will not dare to walk around to understand if it is real or not. You can buy a reasonably cheap camera and install it above the front door or on every corner of the house.

A few Do Not's

  • Do not write personal information on the mailbox.
  • The less other people know about you, the better. It is much safer when there is no personal information or any data related to your identity щn the mailbox.
  • Do not forget to recall the basic safety rules that must always be observed.
  • Do not forget to close windows and doors.
  • Do not open the doors to strangers.
  • Do not put keys in any accessible places - under the mat or in the mailbox.
  • If you lost your keys, be sure to change the locks.
  • Do not tell strangers the address unless necessary.
  • When posting something in social media, do not indicate the hours when you are at home and when not.

Many recommendations may seem obvious, but the main thing is that they work. Be careful and take the necessary precautions.


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