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How to select cleaning service

Updated on May 14, 2013

Cleanliness is must for modern life. If you want healthy and balanced lifestyle, then living in clean surroundings is a must. At present, everyone is busy with their daily lifestyle and does not find sufficient time to keep the house or office clean. So, you must find other way to keep the surroundings clean. Alternatively, you can take help of cleaning services. There are some companies, which will offer you neat and tidy place, with affordable rate.

However, the number of cleaning services is increasing daily. This has led to generation of factors. We must choose before going for cleaning service. It is not at all an easy task to get rid of. The service requires proper maintenance and professional leadership. This industry has turned into more than $80 industry.

Determination of Services

There is all type of services ranging from small, midsize and large. Initially, you can start with the type of facility and services you will be requiring for your home or office. Start with the number of locations you have that is single or multiple. Secondly, determine the times and surface you require for the locations. Lastly, finalize the budget you want to invest for the cleaning services.

If you have multiple locations, you have to opt for midsize or large. Otherwise if you have supermarket, office, retail place or school you need to prefer large services. You must mention the surfaces and floors to be cleaned and maintained. The surface, windows, rooms and areas must have proper cleanliness. Institutions like school and hospitals have their own strict rules about cleanliness. Selecting the best service will help you to get best cleanliness at optimum rates. These savings you can invest in some other projects.

Tips for Selecting Cleaning Company

Every company has their own services in which they specialize. They must have business experience in particular sector with many similar clients. Check if they can serve multiple locations. The company must have man-power and products to complete the task. The cleaning company must beat your expectations.

  • Insurance- The company must have working insurance plan to protect you from any harm occurred due to them. Their workers must be compensated well so they do not harm your property. Most of companies will avoid giving you insurance certificate. So it is good to take the copy of their insurance certificate beforehand. You must consider insurance as an important parameter before selecting any cleaning services. Any reputed company will never hesitate to provide you with insurance certificate.
  • Cleaning Products and Tools- You must examine all their cleaning products and equipments for various services. There are many cleaners who might use poor products which harms our property. Additionally, they also have wrong equipment which does not suit our purpose. This can result to high damage and stains in our property. Check all their products and tools which are they going to use in our property. This is to make sure you don’t have to run somewhere else for supplies. A professional company will have policy which restricts them for using poor products. You can also opt for “go green” solutions. Alternatively, show them your facility so they can best judge the schedule to keep it long-lasting and shiny.
  • Cleaning Checklist- Check which all the services the company has promised to take care of. The order must be signed by top management before you proceed for billing. This will lead you to best of services legally. Check their frequency and the time limit in which they will complete the full process. A professional cleaning company will always take time to resolve all your queries and offer you best of services.
  • Package Structure – Examine the complete package company has promised before you start billing. Ask any queries you have about their cleaning services and experience. Check their frequency which they must mention in the order. All the products provided by company and additional products (if any) must match to that mentioned in the order. All the billings must be done officially and nothing under the table. A reputable company consists of various packages and discounts to best suit your budget. Additionally, check the company policy about the payment options it accepts. The company must have suitable cancellation policy and guarantee about their services.

These questions and techniques given above are to help you find the best service. This way you will avoid mistakes and get best returns for your money.


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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 

      5 years ago

      Good tips on selecting a cleaning service. It is definitely important to take these things into consideration when selecting a cleaning service like examining cleaning products and tools. You'll want to make sure that the cleaning service will use high quality products and those that are really effective for cleaning.


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