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How to Select Paint Colors for Your House

Updated on July 27, 2012

Now you want to paint your house

You always had that dream house in mind with that nice patio, the warm fireplace, that kitchen complete with the ovens and other trappings. You've decided to build that dream home of yours. The renovation is going great till you are suddenly faced with a million choices.

What color shall i paint it all in?

That is something that is extremely common for interior renovations and oftentimes, being faced with the whole range of bewildering colors, we are all lost. Fret not, here, we run through the basic color palettes to create the various moods within your dream house.

Paint Palette: White

White is the basic paint palette in for any color designer. White is both comforting and practical and goes well with all other color palettes. For house interiors, it is refreshing and suitable for use in bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces.

Mix and match with neutrals or pastel colors for a modern interior finish. Tinted white walls would make very good blank canvases where you can build your decor around it. Off white colors would also enhance the space with a softer touch.

Do note how the often the space would be used though, for white would look fresh when clean, but uninviting when dirty.

Color Palette: Red

Red is the color of fire and passion. Normally, the use of red is avoided in interior paintwork and it shouldn't and needn't be. The right shade would allow the color to vibrate and work with the space for the desired impact. Used well and the energy is positive, optimistic, dramatic and stimulating.

Crimson exudes a cheerful feel and is stimulating to the eye. Hence, it's perfect for the entrance hallway and also the family room. It's also suitable to paint an open plan kitchen with such a color for added fun.

In contrast, a deeper shade of red would allude to luxurious and expensive interiors. It can be used to create drama in an entertainment area.

Rose or powdered red tones are rich but not overpowering. The mellow touch is suitable for bedrooms.

Paint Palette: Green

Green is the color of nature and is a great source for inspiration. Set in the middle of the color wheel, it's the bridge between the warm and cool shades and forms the natural backdrop to any setting. Match it with any other color or use it as an alternative to beige in any painting scheme.

Soft greens create tranquil, quiet and restful spaces. It can be used to evoke calm spaces for conversation like at the dining or living area.

Darker greens on the other hand are good to energise entertainment spaces and home libraries. You can add potted plants or wood textures to accentuate the effect.

Alternatively, you can select a mix of refreshing greens to create energy and bring new life. It's perfect for the study or living room.

Paint Palette: Blue

Blue - the color of the skies and oceans. It represents space and freedom and it is ideal to create soothing and meditative environments. To paint a whole room blue may be too overwhelming. Instead, seek to create a focal point with just one wall.

Pale blue is uplifting and light. It increases the airiness of the space and is ideal for bedrooms.

Alternative effects is to use deep blue which creates a dynamic and majestic effect. Use a warm undertone to offset the color so that it won't come across as too cold.


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