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How to transform your home in 7 days – cheap and fast!

Updated on February 2, 2017

Show String Budget - No worry

Home is where we can relax from the busy world. However, a messy and outdated interior may not give you that sweet feeling. And expensive renovation adds more pressure than joy. Actually with some simple steps. you may not need a fortune to upgrade your home and make it your sweet place to stay in. What’s more, you can do it in just weeks’ time. So, let’s get started!

Step 1. Decluttter (Day 1-2)

First and most important! A clean and tidy place is where everything starts. Without doing any extra renovation work, you already have a new comfortable place.

Decluttering doesn’t simply mean throwing out stuff; it’s a review of the theme of your life and creates a clear mind in your life purpose and focus.

Decluttering - Before and After

Making a decision can be difficult as human are in nature a collector. There are some easy guidelines in your process of decluttering:

1. Clothing and shoes that you have not worn for 3 years, there is little chance you will wear them again. They are the bulk to be disposed or donate to local charity.

2. The CDs, computer disks, floppy disks, old mobile phones or even video cassette tapes.... gadgets over one year. You wont be able to use them on any devices now. Technology advance is in such a high speed these gadgets become obsolete quickly.

3. Gifts or giveaways on the street may not be your taste of choice. The principle here is to live a life of your own, and not let the stuffs live you! Get rid of gifts items that is not your style or preference. Donate them, give to someone who want them!

4. Documents and papers you receive through mails have been laying there for 3 months. If you did not attend to them when you receive them, then the information has expired or that you already penalized for the over-deal bills! If you need to keep certain papers for record e.g. tax paper, store them in boxes or rent a mini storage elsewhere. Don’t turn your home into a warehouse.

5. Think before you buy! Think before your receive giveaways! The focus in life is YOU! Be sure to surround yourself with a few but really pleasant items that you enjoy. Use the beautify tea set that you like and not compromising a coffee mug someone gave you or because they are selling at budget price. You don’t need many; you just need those several that make you feel grateful having.

Sort items for decluttering

What about you?

What are the most difficult issue when you declutter?

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Step 2. Determine Your Theme Colors (Day 3)

Reduce the number of colors in your home. You just need up to three different colors. The fewer colors you have, the classier your place looks.

See below photos and you will notice even with same/similar decoration, mixing of several different colors together give the place a messy look. So limit your color theme to three.

When you decide on your theme colors, use a colors chart to develop levels of the same colors to create a coherent effect. For example, do not mix pastel red with neon red, they are of different levels even within the same color.

Limit your theme colors to 3

Step 3. Do Some Painting Jobs (Day 4-5)

Painting is really simple and magical that instantly gives your home a fresh look. You can create different atmosphere similar by changing the colors. For example, blue represent a peace of mind, orange a sense of energy and good appetite, red is hot and aggressive, green make you feel fresh and relax, black a classic and mystery…..

When you determined your theme color in above Step 2, it’s time to transform your home at a fraction of cost. From major background ie the wall, ground to smaller details such as cabinet door, chairs etc. The key is to pain using colors around the theme.

Paint around the theme colors

Step 4. Match With Other Accessories (6-7)

We have been following along the line to make your home a clear, coherent and cozy background. Now it’s time to give it a personal touch, making it the piece that is unique for you. You can achieve it by hiring an interior design to make your home one-of-a-kind for you. But you can also do it with a minimum budget.

The key that brings life into your home is the small things that don’t cost you a lot. Follow your passion and use your imagination and creativity. If you are a sport fan you may want to use brighter colors as the theme, then posters of your favorite sportsman, a collectable baseball one the wall can bring out your personality. Or if you are an environmentalist, probably brown and green theme colors go with you well. Plants and furniture made of wood should make your place home.

Here are some ideas for your consideration:

- Change the sofa cushion or redo the coach cover. Working on shoestring budget? Why not just cover the whole sofa with a piece of cloth of your favorite color?

- Curtains also play an important role to the home atmosphere. A light white curtain brings in more light, while thick heavy curtain give a warm and elegant feeling

- Lighting is so important to the mood one can never omit. Do you want colorful big lamps that recall your childhood and fun? Or post-industrial lighting for your home office? Or may be a classic crystal lamp remains you of the exotic travel experience?

Wall, curtains and cushions create the most important color theme

Lighting create the atmosphere

Don't forget the accessories

More ideas? Just use your own creativity. Simply change the handles of your cabinet, door knot, put on a sculpture or painting on the wall, use a stylish water tap, put on some plants and flora arrangement, change new tiles, standardize the color of dinning ware.… the list can be endless. No matter what you do, be sure to follow the previous steps: don’t overcrowd the place, stay along the theme mood and color.

Accessories add lively touches


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