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How to use laundry detergent, softener and other cleaning agents

Updated on August 9, 2009

Add detergent and softener before starting the washing program. Never open the detergent dispenser drawer while the washing program is running!

When using a program without pre-wash, no detergent should be put into the pre-wash compartment. A program without pre-wash should be selected if a detergent bag or a dispensing ball is going to be used. You can place the detergent bag or the dispensing ball directly among the laundry in your machine.

Choosing the detergent type

  • The type of detergent to be used depends on the type and colour of fabric.
  • Use different detergents for coloured and white clothes.
  • Wash woolens with a special detergent specifically for woolens.
  • Use only detergents manufactured specifically for washing machines.

Detergent quantity

The amount of washing detergent to be used depends on the amount of laundry, the degree of soiling and water hardness.

  • Do not use amounts exceeding the quantities recommended on the package to avoid problems of excessive foam, poor rinsing, financial savings and finally, environmental protection.
  • Use small amounts of detergent at a suitable measure for small amounts of laundry or for only slightly soiled laundry.
  • Use exact measures for highly concentrated detergents.

Below are rough guide of how much detergent quantity you need:

  • for prewashing, 1/2 measure Detergent.
  • for main washing, 1 measure Detergent.
  • with hard water, an additional 1/2 measure.


Put the softener into the softener compartment of the detergent dispenser.

  • Use the proportions recommendea on the packet.
  • Never exceed the (> max <) level marking; otherwise, the softener will be wasted without being used.
  • If the softener has lost its fluidity, dilute dense softener with water before placing it in the detergent drawer.

Liquid detergent

When using liquid or gel washing detergents, please note the following:

  • The liquid detergent may leave stains on your laundry if time delay feature is selected.
  • Do not use liquid detergent if you want to wash using the time delay feature.
  • Do not use liquid detergent for the main wash in a cycle with pre-wash.


  • Add liquid starch, powder starch or the dyestuff into the softener compartment as instructed on the package.
  • Never use fabric softener and starch together in the same washing cycle.
  • Wipe the inside of the drum after using starch.


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      brandon hernandez 5 years ago

      .i like this post because itt good

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      Najeeb 6 years ago

      i want to used the detergent anionic in front loading machine , how mush gram should be put in the dispenser

    • profile image

      Sue Caswell 7 years ago

      I put gel detergent in the dispensing drawer of my washing machine instead of straight into the drum and it has blocked the system. How can I disolve the gel and clear the obstruction? Boiling water only partially helps?

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      hi 7 years ago