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How to winterise an Above ground pool

Updated on October 7, 2010

How do I winterise my above ground pool?


So you have spent 3 days filling and building your above ground pool for 5 months of a season and now the season is over and winter is kicking in you want to know how to store your pool  

Well if you are going to be taking your pool down you need to find somewhere safe to store it, storing it in a garage or shed is no good as rats and mice love to makes homes in the liners, you will find that you will come to set it up next year and have little holes inside it. If you are taking the pool down, try and find somewhere in your home to store it in or place it in a plastic wheelie bin in the garden.

If you are not dismantling your pool then the instructions below will help you prepare your pool for the winter.

Start by removing all the parts that aren’t needed the ladder the filter pump hoses etc...

Now drain the pool to just above half way the reason for this is water will expand when it freezes and will damaged your liner if it is full to the top.

Now add double the dose of chemicals you will usually use, including algaecide and ph levels.

Cover the pool and mark it as out of bounds.

These steps will keep your pool safe, clean and ready for next season.


Thomas Staton - An Above Ground Pool and Garden Games expert 


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