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How you can enjoy the job you hate

Updated on April 23, 2019

Sometimes a few things in professional life and environment exasperate us to an optimum level that makes us dislike our job. Almost everyone encounters such unfortunate employment experiences in their teenage or pre-adult life. Nevertheless, this haunting problem can be mitigated and tolerated by some tricks and hacks. Some Simple ways for shifting your tedious mood to a cheerful one while working are jotted below:

Take breaks to relax

Breaks are highly important in changing your mood to peace and enchantment. Breaks after 2 or 3 hours give relaxation to stressed mind by combating negative chemicals in the body. Chances of anxiety and headaches are minimized. During this break, you can have a quick exercise of your neck, hands, and legs. You may also use your smartphone, get into the fresh air, or just try some light snacks.

Elevate your mood to happiness by random online shopping

The easily attainable digital coupons and discounts of this e-business era have made us shopaholic. Undoubtedly, shopping has a positive effect on our mood swings. Use this method to get freedom from the hectic working life by just logging on to the online websites of clothes, accessories, sneakers, or beauty products. It is an effective money-saving way as there are zero traveling cost and unlimited serving of coupons. Paying a visit to the stores or shopping malls during the lunch break also ignites the feeling of happiness and calmness in the employee. But make sure that you know how much you should spend on clothes etc. shopping. If you end up spending more than your earnings, that would be another stress factor.

Having an affable attitude with your colleagues can also help you tolerate your hectic professional life

Spending leisure time with your co-workers provides ease in spending a longed stressful day. Dining in with them on lunch breaks or after the job keeps the mind and spirit fresh. Quality time spent in entertainment, cracking jokes or playing computer games activates the morale of working enthusiastically. However, any such enjoyment should not affect your professional work balance and productivity. Amazingly, many companies offer games or sphere activities to save the mind of employees from sinking into stress and tensions.

Explore innovative things with your team to pass time qualitatively. Instead of being a reactive employee, go for being a proactive employee and abstain from complaining about the boss and office. Doing such negative stuff will instill rage and discontentment in the person, making him unhappy for the job. Talking about politics, scientific developments, or innovative ideas for boosting the company will convince others to spend time with you.

A useful tip: have a short daily conversation with your team, supervisor, or boss. This will create a strong bonding of understanding between your boss and you. By this way, you will apprehend his perspective of mindset and working which will create ease for you in working according to his requirements. This will depict your positive and responsible image in the eye of the boss.

Create a strong social network with your colleagues. Be kind to them in words and actions. For example, bring home-cooked snacks or lunch for them. Such genuine actions will help you in forming a cooperative team.

Expand your horizon of knowledge

Attend training and mentoring sessions in the office. This will help you in grabbing significant knowledge about your roles and responsibilities. For sustaining a professional career, break the stereotypical thinking and widen your knowledge horizon. This might help you in gaining promotion as with the flow of time all necessary attributes and skills will be inculcated in yourself.

Set goals for establishing your professional career

Understand the importance of this job you ate in concreting your career directory. Make a long term plan for this job and skills you will marvel in the future. This will increase your focus and determination to perform well.

Practice your favorite activities while working

This will revive your spirit of flawlessly working. Make a collection of some energetic songs and trance. Listen to them and refresh your mind. I feel bored with continuously working on the computer system, divert your attention by using social media apps. Playing games on computer systems fight with negative vibes in your mind.

What to do when nothing works?

If you tried everything good and possible for creating an optimistic behavior while working and nothing is yielding desired output, then you should consult a psychiatrist. The doctor will help in analyzing the problems with respect to your past and present experiences. Behavioral and bipolar disorders are very common these days and the stressed employees are the biggest victim of this mental illness.

Stay positive

Quoting opinion of an employee, “However, that sour, negative attitude isn’t going to make your life any easier. On the contrary, actually. It’ll make things much worse.”

Imprint this statement in your mind to fight the toughest times of your professional life, “Stay positive”. Manipulate your brain to be happy and brave. Eradicate the thought, “I hate my job” from your mind completely. Make yourself understand that life is a journey of struggles and endeavor. Every person has to pass difficult times of his life to gain notable achievements in life.

Last but not least, be grateful

Be thankful for every blessing you have in life. In days of difficulties, count your blessings on your fingers and feel contented. Be proud of your achievements and struggles. Compare yourself with the people who are jobless and going through the financial crisis, you will feel much better about your job. Acknowledge the importance of your salary in managing your financial needs.

Follow these methodologies carefully and wait for a positive response. In case of zero output (you continue disliking your job), quit it immediately. Start a job hunt and get recruited in your desired company and designation. After all, life is not all about comprising and sacrificing the things that drain our energy and contribute to making our lives more miserable.

© 2019 EmmaThomas121


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