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Inspiring Ideas for Small Spaces

Updated on March 3, 2017
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Small space decorating is a fun opportunity to save money, splurge on high design items or to create a stylish look that is unexpected. Dress up or tone down a small space with creative inspiration and perspective.

Love the space in small areas. Treat them with special care that is decorative and dramatic. Stay organized and stylish in a small space with shelving, decorative floor areas and upper wall space.

Decorative Style

Leave room for style in a small space. Base your style on a modern look, a palette of color tones or a personalized elegance. Treat your space with a core of style that is welcoming and sophisticated.

The appeal of small space decorating is the opportunity to display hints of style through decorative details. Choose accent pieces that have bold shapes and finishes. Decorate with layers of colors and fabric to coordinate a layer of cozy elegance.

Be creative with height in a small space. Install floating shelves, use a large wall unit or room divider shelves to maximize and expand space. Choose modern storage furniture that streamlines a small space and helps you to stay organized in elegance.

Decorate your small space with stylish accents that have contemporary elegance and personality. Choose glass, mirror or metal finishes that dress up room spaces. Room furnishings that are reflective open up a space, enhance a stylish look and display themes of glamorous luxury.

Rich in Style

Use a small space as a personal style gallery. Splurge on accent pieces that impact the drama and style impression of a small space. Choose one-of-a-kind antique furniture pieces, vintage style chairs and upholstered furniture as an elegance expander.

Make a unique small space feel special and unforgettable. Apply decorative touches of luxury for a personal style that is rich in character. Decorate a small space in modern or classic eclectic style. Coordinate a decorative theme that is inspiring in quality, expression and elegance.

Celebrate and focus on the challenge of decorating small spaces. Use these websites as excellent, inspiring resources for small space decorating that is affordable and imaginative:


Allow your personal style to shine through in a small space. Add unique style to flooring and walls with color, texture and design. Enhance a small space with finishing touches of elegance. These treatments are color, pattern, texture and artwork.

Enjoy a casual approach for the living room with accent tables as a style feature. Relax in a bedroom that has a casual approach with modern bedding that is soft and inviting. Make a small space a well-organized, balanced space of personal luxury and inspiration.


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