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Important Steps in Remodeling a Bathroom and making it Green

Updated on April 17, 2013

A green Bathroom - the definition

A green bathroom means to have in place ways of conserving water usage, electricity by installing light bulbs that are economical CFL, and eliminate waste in any possible way in any area, - use soap dispensers, dual flush for toilets, open the window for ventilation instead of using a ceiling fan.

save with dual flush toilet and soap dispenser
save with dual flush toilet and soap dispenser | Source

Improvements in the process of remodeling a bathroom

When you are consider Bathroom Remodeling to start turning your bathroom green, you should look into several options. Choose a design that will help you implement all elements in achieving your goal.

While there is very much talk about green, what should be of your interest is a way of saving money and at the same time contributing at saving the planet, one room at the time and one step in any area you can. This type of home improvement should be a fun project and the end result a great satisfaction!

The market offers now a variety of items that will help you determine what works tore-design your bathroom and you will find qualified staff to advise you how to attain your bathroom remodeling planing.

Follow a few easy steps

First, a brief assessment of the entire room should give you an idea on budgeting needs and how easy will you achieve a new look and functionality for your green bathroom. Review and consider lighting fixtures, toilet bowl, windows and other toiletries.

Secondary, change your shower head with a low flow water usage. With that, your water usage drops to (9.5 liters per minute) or 2.5 gallons per minute. You conserve water and reduce energy usage at the same time, you save money on your water and energy bills. This is a small item you need to purchase for a minimal amount, but it will make a big difference.

Take the next step to remove and replace your old toilet bowl with a new water-saving unit. There might be a possibility to change just the toilet tank; certain toilet systems will allow you to do that. Get information on the water usage per flush. Ideally, to maximize your savings, you want to install the one that uses 1.5 gal/flush. Even better, there are some units out there with a dual-flush system.

The broad range of water conservation options include: low-flow faucets and shower heads; faucets with automatic electronic cut-off and more.

By replacing the soap bars with liquid soap and using soap dispensers, you will be able to save money and keep things organized for easy reach and refill. For double advantage buying the refill bottle is less plastic used and a lower cost to buy larger quantity at the time. Install soap dispensers to use for shampoo and conditioner in the shower area and one by the sink for soap and lotion.

Bathroom lighting is very important. When designing your green bathroom remodeling, consider the CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) as a saving source, they produce strong light at a minimal cost!

If you do not have an operable window, buy one and have a professional install it for you, like this they will make sure you don't loose heat. Use ventilating the place as an alternative to running the bathroom ceiling fan and use energy which otherwise can be conserved. Make a habit to open the window after taking a shower.


Add new towels to your inventory. Find the type of towels that are a good combination of cotton and some polyester, this will help you with the drying time. As a result, you will save on the energy bill.

Start using phosphate free cleaning solution for your bathroom; eliminating suds in the cleaning process will give you some peace of mind that you don't dump chemicals right back in the sewer system, and further into the earth.

We can therefore greatly benefit ourselves, our future generations, and our planet in conserving water by the bathroom choices we make.


If you like saving money use your bathroom as a start point to green your home.

Consider this as an investment, then you will see the returns when your electrical bill will drop and so will be the water bill.

This requires very little maintenance for you to perform your new green bathroom.

For the plumbing applications you should hire a professional to help you.



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    • ccdursina profile image

      Carolina Dursina 5 years ago from Spring Green WI

      Thank you LInda for stopping by and read; I appreciate the friendship here!

    • profile image

      Linda Myshrall 5 years ago

      Remodeling is painful and expensive, but you do make an excellent point - it is an investment. Enjoyed this as I do all of your posts, Linda