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In Need of Roofing Repair? Important Things to Know

Updated on September 5, 2019
Roof repair.
Roof repair.


Along with the other parts of your house, the roof needs the same amount of attention and care for it to last a long time. The roof is a very vital part of a house. It protects your home and everything inside, including you and your loved ones. It is also a part, which needs to be checked regularly to be steered away from any future damages, whether small or big ones.

Now, here's the case. What would you do if a huge tree fell on the roof in the middle of the night or if strong hail and winds suddenly happened and tore your roof apart? Who would you call to ask for help? Who would you contract with?

Here are some things you should know when you're faced with such a dilemma, which would require you to get an emergency roof repair service:

What passes as an "emergency repair"?

When your roof has any damaged area, be it small or big, it will most likely lead to water infiltration. A quick repair on a specific part of the roof must be done, or to have a protective cover installed to prevent further damage.

At times when the weather's bad, the quickest roofing repair that can be done first would be putting an emergency tarp in the hole or damaged area and wait until the weather is better. Once the damage is assessed, an extensive plan should be proposed, and determine whether it will need a more permanent repair.

What situations need a roofing leakage repair?

Most cases would be the roofing system was damaged because of bad weather, or animal or fire-related incidents. We definitely can't tell when such accidents would happen, and nature is a strong and unstoppable enemy for roofing systems.

Winds that are over 50 mph can already tear down your roof shingles apart. Tree parts could also be torn off due to strong winds and could penetrate the structure of your roof. Lightning could also strike and literally, leave a hole in your roof.

Animals such as raccoons and squirrels also have a part in destroying roof systems by chewing through the rotted wood which leads to holes in various sizes. Fire, undoubtedly, will destroy anything that gets in its path.

What would happen when roofers are contacted?

When roofers get a call in the midst of a bad weather event, they would have to wait until it subsides and then immediately set off for the customer's house. The safety of the workers is very important, and they couldn't also do anything especially when there's something going on such as heavy storm, strong winds, or occurrence of lightning.

Damaged roofs due to fire can be brought back to its pristine, water-tight condition. Roofs that went through fire would already have its structural integrity compromised, which is why careful planning and actions should be done to such cases.

What can the owner do about the roof damage?

The first and most important thing that a house owner should do would be trying not to panic and freak out with their roof's state. The damage is already done; there is nothing he/she can do about it. Next, contact these two people: your insurance agent and a professional roofing company in Canton, MI. They are the ones who can give you a hand when such accidents arise.

Be careful of those opportunists called ‘storm chasers' who keeps track of the weather and instigate the fears of the homeowner. You can check out legitimate sources where you can get references, for example, Angie's List When your chosen contractor has already set out a plan to address your roof damages, remember to take your time in weighing all the options.


The initial action of most homeowners would be to try fixing the damage by themselves. This is wrong on so many levels because going up and fixing your roof on your own may lead to accidents and injuries. Also, a plain homeowner also lacks knowledge about the things to be done in repairing roofs so it might worsen the damage instead of fixing it.

Besides, roof and ceilings can always be restored but broken bones cannot. Also, remember to document your loss and damages through photos and in writing so that you can present it to your insurance agent as a proof.


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