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The Best Gas Self Propelled Lawn Mower for Homeowners

Updated on August 7, 2013

The Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Just like shopping for a new pick up truck, minivan, sports car or SUV, we can choose from many lawnmowers. Side discharge mowers, gas powered mowers equipped with rear baggers, reel type push mowers like grand dad used back in the day, and let us not forget the popular self-propelled models available to us home owners. Rare thinking people like us understand there are a time and a place for each one of these different style lawnmowers. If you are like ne however, our quandary is simply, which mower design is the best one for our needs. As you continue to read The Best Gas Self Propelled Lawn Mower for Homeowners. Learn the things you should know before you buy your next lawn mower.

Important Lawn Mower Features

I am sure we all agree having a good-looking lawn covered with a beautiful carpet of lush green grass is important to us. We also realize cutting our grass efficiently in spring when it is growing like there is no tomorrow, is critical when maintaining a healthy lawn. That is one of the major reasons; we want and most importantly need to have the very best cutting, easy starting, and most definitely, easy operating self-propelled lawnmowers available.

Things you should know before you buy.

Join me as we take a close look at what makes the mulching the best self-propelled lawnmower for homeowners on the market today.

The best mulching mower comes with a reliable Briggs, Kohler and Honda OHV engine that delivers plenty of power for any lawn mowing job we will encounter in our lawn. Including the break through technology Ready Start, feature on the Briggs & Stratton engine, which does not require us to use a choke or some sort of primer to start our mower.
The system works so well Toro / Lawnboy, Guarantees it to start for three years, guaranteed. All we need to do is fill the fuel tank with gas, check the oil, and pull the starter handle a couple of pulls and the thing starts every time, what could be easier than that.

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The Best way to sharpen your dull mower blades

Self-propelled automatic speed control

The personal pace self-propel feature used on the Toro / Lawnboy Recycler automatically senses and adjusts to your pace. When you want to, or need to, go slow around a tight spot, you just slow down and the personal pace self-propel feature matches your pace.
When you need to, or want to, speed up, the mower self-propelled feature will automatically adjust to match your personal pace. What could be easier, no gears to change just speed up or slow down when you need to, the Toro Recycler personal pace self-propel feature will automatically adjust...

Lawn mower blade override system

The blade override system is a feature that makes it easy for any homeowner mowing his or her lawn to move something or empty the grass catcher without needing to shut the engine off. All we need to do is, release the blade override control handle and the blade stops while the engine continues to run.
After we have completed our task, all we need to do is grab the handle and pull it back to restart the blade and continue cutting the grass. This feature is not available on all models, but it sure comes in handy when you need to move the kid’s toys and bicycles.

Benefits of Mulching / Recycling

22 inch Recycler cutting deck mulches the blades of grass into extremely small bits and recycles those small bits of grass back into the turf. This is especially helpful to the lawn in the dry season. The small bits of grass you see are 75 too 85 percent water and the rest is nitrogen and other nutrients our lawn needs.
Getting all that moisture back to the turf where it can be recycled into the grass, rather than sitting on top of the lawn where it simply evaporates and robs our lawn of all that beneficial moisture and nutrients will go a long way to keeping our grass healthy and beautiful throughout the growing season.

The best time to Bag grass

The Bag on demand feature is quite handy when it comes time to pick-up leaves, or in spring when the grass is a bit overgrown. In order to keep our grass healthy and growing at its best, we need to keep it cut to as close to two and one half inches tall as we can.
Cutting the grass shorter than that will stress the grass, and that is a bad thing. Trying to cut too much grass in one pass while in the mulching mode is also a bad thing, which will cause problems for the Toro Recycler or any other mulching mower for that matter.
The deck will get full of grass and will not be able to handle the excess grass clippings. Leaving clumps of grass on our lawn that will cause dead spots in the grass. Bagging is the best way to handle the excess grass clippings.
The bag on demand system makes it easy to close the door on the bagger when we do not need it and open it when we do, without the need to remove the bag. We will have to remove the bag to empty it when it is full however.

The best way to clean under the mower deck

Wash out port, ok I hear what you are thinking, and the first time I looked at the thing, I thought it was a joke as well. The truth of the matter, it really is a convenient feature. Not convinced, let me ask you. How many times have you turned a lawnmower on its side to clean all the rotting nasty smelling grass out from under it, and managed to spill all the gas all over the driveway.
Have you ever turned a mower on its side and soaked the air filter with oil from the crankcase, come on now you know who you are, I cannot be the only guy in the country that has.
Well with the clean out port and your garden hose, you do not need to worry about that happening again; ok I do not worry about that happening to me again. I just hook up my hose, start the mower, turn the hose on, and engage the blade. Let the mower run until the water cleans the underneath side of the Recycler deck and shut it off and let it dry put it away and call it a day.

Buying The Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Toro mowers, Honda mowers, and John Deer mowers, with their huge selection of self propelled mowers for sale make it a bit of a challenge for homeowners like you and I to choose the best lawn mower for our lawn care needs. After reading this Independent Review of The Best Self Propelled Lawnmower for homeowners, Discover the Toro Recycler I believe you will see it really is easy to buy the best lawn mower that fits our lawn care needs.

Keep your lawn well maintained and beautiful. Best of luck Mike

The author of this publication, Mike Teddleton owns the copyright to Independent Review of The Best Gas Self Propelled Lawn Mower for Homeowners, Toro Recycler.The rights to publish this article in print or online can only be granted by contacting me the author in writing. You may use the intro and link back to the article directing the reader back to my post here at HubPages where they may find the story in its entirety


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