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Indian Style Styling For Your Home Interiors

Updated on February 10, 2011

Kashmiri Traditional Cloth Namda

India has a huge variety of cultures, with each having its own unique style in terms of interior décor. In this article series, we will be taking a peek at what each Indian culture has to offer in terms of unique Indian home interior designs.

We will start the series with the northern most Indian state of Kashmir.

Kashmiri Home Interior Design

The northernmost state of the country may be currently embroiled in controversy, but its rich cultural heritage is something unique and deeply traditional. Those having an access to the interiors of Kashmir are full time ambassadors of its natural beauty as well as the welcoming nature of its people.

Kashmir homes are mostly wooden, and they are designed in a way so as to keep out the cold. Warm woolen carpets are essential parts of any Kashmiri home. They are a way of keeping away the cold of the floor. When entering a Kashmiri home, it is considered essential to remove any footwear outside so as not to dirty the carpets.

The seating arrangement in a traditional Kashmiri village household is strictly on the ground. Colorful woolen carpets adorn the seating area, and often a separate mat is placed to mark the sitting spot. A visitor may be offered a cushion to sit on depending on the degree of regard he or she is supposed to be given.

In modern Kashmiri homes sofas and sitting chairs have caught the fancy of the local populace, but by and large the sitting arrangement on the floor is the preferred one.

Heavy, thick, dark curtains are the norm in most Kashmir Indian home interiors. Again, the purpose is to keep out the cold. Do not be surprised on being offered a ‘Kangri’ the moment you take a seat in the Kashmiri home to help you keep warm. This Kangri is nothing but a clay pot filled with coal embers to keep you warm, the same that almost every Kashmiri is found carrying in winters. You would also immediately be offered some of the best blankets in the home to cover your legs, should you feel the need.

Traditional embroidered curtains of Kashmir called namda are made of thick white cotton cloth, embroidered with bold designs of pretty and colorful wool. The same cloth is also often used as bedspreads and even for making cushion covers etc. You can generally find this at any Kashmiri showroom or outlet in Kashmir.

The eating area in a traditional Kashmiri home also has the seating on the ground. The ladies of the house will serve hot meals and have their own meals later. In keeping with muslim traditions of sharing meals, three or four people eat from a single common plate. Of course, the tradition difference of visitors is kept in mind and generally they are offered independent plates.

Kashmir home interiors are unique in themselves as they make and use their own handloom cloth and traditional embroidery. Plan a trip to Kashmir to have some of your best ever holidays as well as collect lots of traditional home interior stuff!


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      7 years ago

      nice hub informative


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