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Inflatable Santa or Snowman Heads Glow with Solar Light

Updated on March 15, 2011


Winter Decorations Remind Us of Good Times

The landscape goes bare when cold winter winds finish off the remaining leaves on trees and plants. With the green of summer and the colored leaves of autumn gone we are left to our own devices to bring interest back to the curb appeal.

We go to work in the dark and we come home in the dark. The wind-chill cuts to the bone before we can get inside the house. Anything that warms us up is welcome – even it is just in spirit. During this time of the year it is tradition to decorate our yards in such a way that brings joy to both the young and the not-so-young.

More than anything else winter decorations conjure up thoughts of snowmen and Santa Claus. Why? Probably because of childhood memories we share and the joy is gives us to expose our children to those same traditions.

Most Decorations Increase Costs

The downsides to most winter decorations are that they are expensive, they are difficult to set up and they increase the electric bill. How many houses do you see that have Christmas lights attached their roofs year round?

How many of you have solar yard lights lining the driveway or sidewalk? Maybe you use them to up-light a shrub or tree. They light up on their own and they shut off on their own. No electrical outlets are needed so there are no orange or yellow cords slinking across the yard.

Solar Lights and Inflatable Santa and Snowman Heads Keep Decorating Costs Low

These simple little lights can pull double duty. The Inflatable Santa Clause Head or the Inflatable Snowman Head slips over a solar light post. When the light comes on it illuminates the Santa Claus Head. They are bright enough and large enough to be seen from a distance. No extra power is needed so there is no extra cost on your electric bill.

When it is time to store the decorations away there is an added expense. Plastic tubs and specialized containers can cost as much as ten dollars to twenty-five dollars or more. Extra space is needed for the storage of these containers.

Let the air out of the Inflatable Santa Clause Heads and the Inflatable Snowman Heads and they need very little space. Tuck them away and bring them back out next year – do not worry – they will never go out of style.

Start a Tradition

You may not realize it but others look forward to special times just like the ones you are creating now. The comfort of traditions keeps us grounded no matter what else is going on around us.


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    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 8 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Solar yard lights – is natural not artificial. Anything natural is of special quality and utility.