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Irrigation Techniques - How To Install a Drip Irrigation System For Your Medical Garden

Updated on August 1, 2012
3 examples of irrigation techniques
3 examples of irrigation techniques

The Benefits of Installing a Drip Irrigation System

If your looking to keep your garden properly watered with minimal effort and money spent, you probably have pondered the different methods for doing this in your head. Maybe you’ve thought of using sprinklers, a water hose, or an old school watering can. Every one of these ways might work, but on the most part you will be wasting H2O on plants that are not thirsty any more. You may reside in an area that is in a drought like me where conservation of water is important. My solution was the purchase and installation of a drip irrigation system and I have not looked back as this was a tremendous gardening decision.

My hardest decision was choosing between above ground or under ground system. The above ground version drips small amounts of water continuously onto the ground, and allows it to penetrate the soil. This action is controlled by the pressure controller., whose job it is to regulate the flow from a spray to a drip. These are pretty cheap. You can use a water hose with drill holes drilled into it and you good to go but I suggest getting the pipes made for this. But the water hose style works pretty decent too.

The below ground system is more of a pain in the butt to put in and take care of. If you are really into the looks of your garden and don't want to see watering lines then perhaps it will be worth it for you. It's more or less the same as the over soil system except a shallow canal is made to put the irrigation line underground before I put the seeds or clones under the dirt. This is going to give the liquid straight access to the plants for the best watering situation possible. Also, you can have your friends and others impressed because of your lovely garden and not having to go out and water it. They will be tripped out.

You must take some things into consideration before deciding on the right system for you. Are you plants arranged the same all year? I doubt you would want to put your hose underground if your plants weren't. It will be too much work to keep digging and moving the lines all the time. If you do decide to keep your plants the same, you might not want to see a hose in your grow. If you really don't like it that much and your down to dedicate a some hours then go for it and put it underground. I personally prefer on top because of the easiness of doing repair jobs or changing my plants location.

The best thing about a drip irrigation system is how efficient they are. They don't spray in unnecessary locations like a hose, and the lines targets the water to the plants sweet spot without wasting. You don't have to worry about your babies getting thirsty because the constant drip will handle that.

You need to get the items you need for a drip irrigation system if you have been thinking about a simple, low priced, easy, and efficient different watering method. I know you will be very happy at how much more simple it is to control your garden after you get it done.


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