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Installing a Wall Mural Made Easy

Updated on May 11, 2020
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As a property developer, Stella has written many articles on the home environment, decor and problems that arise in the home and garden.

The Mural in This Photo Was Installed in Less Than an Afternoon

Wall murals are cheap and easy to install and will give your room a luxury look
Wall murals are cheap and easy to install and will give your room a luxury look

Wall Murals to Enhance Your Room

Wall art is a wonderfully effective way to enhance your home interior and create the atmosphere you desire. Not everyone has the artistic flair to create their own wall art but with the help of wall murals, this can be achieved by anyone using no other skill or expertise than ordinary redecoration requires.

Browse Online for a Great Bargain

Wall murals can be bought cheaply online for much the same price as ordinary wall coverings and considering the dramatic effect produced, any extra outlay would be well worth it.

There is no end of choice available. Your child's bedroom can become a fairytale castle, an enchanted forest or even the land of the dinosaurs with the addition of a clever wall mural. For some inspirational ideas in finding the right mural for your wall, there are many Internet sites worthy of a look.

A feature wall in your home can be virtually transformed by an attractive wall mural to create the individual look you desire and it will be sure to impress visitors and become a talking point. Whether you want a patterned mural or one that makes you want to walk through it into an opulent setting, there will be one to suit your own particular style.

A mural can work wonders in a room where there is no window such as in a basement. Here you can create your very own landscape, seascape - or it could even become a view from a spaceship. Be bold and make a statement with your creative flair to impress your visitors.

Murals can make a small room seem vast, and some even create a 3D effect with clever use of perspective. You can enhance these effects further with appropriate lighting and strategically placed furniture.

Murals can come sticky-backed which helps with ease of application, while others come ready pasted or can be pasted onto the wall just as you would apply ordinary wallpaper. While the actual installation of a wall mural is best done swiftly, you'll need to prepare the room beforehand to ensure that all surfaces are clean and free of debris and you must also ensure that you have the correct measurements and tools just as you would with any other interior decoration task.

All mural kits will come with a set of foolproof instructions which will help you obtain the professional finish you want and suppliers will specify which tools and accessories you must have - take the time to read the manufacturer's recommendations thoroughly. It will be helpful if there is at least one other person to assist in mounting your wall mural.

Murals are best applied by two people in the same way as wallpaper is pasted to a wall so to create the best possible effect it's crucial that all patterns are matched up correctly at the joins and air bubbles are smoothed out. This can be difficult for one person to achieve on their own, so enlisting the help of a friend will save you much time and effort and ensure you get all panels hanging straight and true.

There are many useful YouTube videos you can view before hanging your own wall mural so you can be made aware of the things you need to do. Watching such videos beforehand will help you avoid any mistakes.

Walls must be as clean and as smooth as possible so if there are any small holes or imperfections that need to be filled with filler this must be done and the surface sanded smooth prior to beginning any wall mural installation. Make sure the room where you will be installing the mural is free of any unnecessary obstacles so you have a well organised and clear working space.

While wall murals create the best impact when installed along the whole length of a single interior wall, it is also possible to use smaller ones in alcoves to create a more subdued effect.

Once you've completed you mural; stand back and admire your work and you'll be so pleased with the overall effect that you'll be eager to purchase one for another room.

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