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Installing Ceramic Tile- Tools Needed

Updated on October 11, 2007

Laying Ceramic Tile... can be an easy and a wonderful experience but will require patience for the do it yourself-ers out there. If I can do it so can you. One of the most important things in any job you decide to do around the house is having the proper tools. I find when I have the right tools it makes the job a synch and the level of frustration is almost non-existent.

Actually, I enjoy it, and it think so will you.

You will need some specific tools before laying ceramic tile. Below is a small list of tools and supplies that will be needed to install a new ceramic tile floor. A tile cutter may be rented and used for the small jobs from a rental store or any store that sales tile. If you find yourself doing a lot of cutting (cutting the tile), you'll need to rent a wet saw.

Something I notice just talking with others who have installed ceramic tile before, there's more than one way of doing a job. Planning will take you a long way. One thing that we can all agree pond is "planning and patience."

Okay here's the list...

  • 1. You need to decide how much Ceramic tile to get- that should be a no brainer. Just measure
  • 2. Tile Spacers - they come in different sizes. You can ask your local hardware person questions if needed.
  • 3. Setting material - Adhesive
  • 4. Sanded Grout for grout joints over 1/8 inch. Non-sanded or wall grout for joints.
  • 5. Level
  • 6. Rags
  • 7. Sponges- get several large sponges
  • 8. Notched trowel
  • 9. Grout Float
  • 10. Tape Measure
  • 11. Hammer
  • 12. Putty knife
  • 13. Several Buckets
  • 14. Safety glasses
  • 15. Knee pads for floor work is a must- if you leave this out you'll be sorry in the morning and that's even if you finish that day!
  • 16. Tile Cutter - remember this can be rented.
  • 17.Square
  • 18.Tile nippers-I've also found out that you can buy a circular bit to drill your holes.
  • 19.Concrete board-this is used for different purposes. It can be used to help level the floor, to help with any problems you may have with the floor.
  • 20. Pliers
  • 21. Screws for the concrete board- again it's used for leveling and corrections in the floor.
  • Okay, you got the list but here are also four important things you need to consider before you get started and head out to the hardware store.

  • 1. Selecting your tile adhesivewhich will depend upon the tile you're working with. (Sorry to tell ya but there are more than one type. This is something you can discuss with the hardware salesperson.
  • 2. Selecting trowel size or type. If you use heavily corrugated tiles, you might want to use a 3/8 inch notched trowed. If the back of the tile is flat you can use a small trowel (1/4 inch should be enough).
  • 3. Estimate the size of your order. This will be the length times width of your floor or the area yo're planning of covering. The ceramic tiles will come in different sizes but by knowing your work area measurements, that will give you a good ideal how many boxes you'll need. I should mention to get a few extra tiles just in case of if you have cracks in the future or just need to replace a tile. There's an old saying, "It's better to have Tile and not need it, than need it and not have it." Are right, I made that up, sort of.
  • 4. Last but not least, layout your plan as to how you're going to go about doing the project or job.
  • I said in the past and I'll mention it again. It's important to take your time. Patience is going to prevent you form making mistakes, saving you time and money in the long run. That's at every stage of the process, from planning to executing. Also also remember what carpenters say,"Measure Twice and Cut Once."

    If you are serious about doing this yourself while saving time and money then… here’s a Great link I found click here


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