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The Benefits of Interactive Floor Plans

Updated on July 25, 2015

The property market is an ultra competitive one where real estate agents and property developers are constantly seeking an edge on competitors when it comes to methods of attracting the attention of potential buyers in more personal and engaging ways. Floor plans have always been used to present buyers with an opportunity to gain an overview of the layout of a property and the relationships between various rooms. Interactive floor plans allow this to happen in a number of very positive ways that revolve around providing a much more realistic, engaging experience for the people viewing the floor plan, as opposed to the experience had when viewing regular plan styles.

Stand out from the rest

Listings that are interactive stand head and shoulders above regular property listings which contain merely static photographs, some text and perhaps an image slideshow or gallery. By comparison, floor plans that allow users to interact with them can be designed to take full advantage of the modern capabilities of mobile devices like smartphones and iPads, where increasing numbers of people are now doing most or all of their property searching.

When coupled with professional photos that viewers are able to enlarge and view at their will, informative text, videos and any other useful items that relate to the property, a high quality floor plan is a vital tool in the marketing and selling of any home or property.

Make viewers feel like they are there

Viewers have a significantly more personal perspective and a real sense of "being there" when looking at an interactive plan. They make it possible for people get a true sense of how the layout of rooms relate to each other, and to the overall flow of the floor plan as they explore the entire design and click where they wish to. Viewers can zoom in on specific areas instantly to get a more detailed view, while moving around the property almost as if they were physically there.


As the name suggests, the interactive nature of these floor plans is what makes all the difference. Viewers can choose to view more information on specific aspects of the plan simply by clicking a link, and tool tips, pop up boxes with videos and other features can be included in the floor plan design. This makes it possible to completely customize each and every floor plan according to your target audience.

Highlight important features

Being able to have more control over the aspects of a home or property that buyers see and focus on in a floor plan is one of the most helpful benefits of an interactive format. You can draw attention to features of the property which are more favorable or attractive to potential buyers, rather than relying on the viewer to passively seek out these aspects themselves in a static floor plan. It's also possible to reduce attention to any areas of the floor plan that are not seen as being so desirable or worthy of attention from viewers.

Device independence

If the floor plan design is created with capable software, it is possible for all of the interactive features to be compatible with modern mobile devices, including all of the features such as zooming in and out, and watching videos. Being able to access viewers who are searching on their mobile devices opens up your product to a much greater audience, and one that expects to be able to have the same smooth and seamless experience as people would who are viewing the floor plans on their desktop computer.

Interactive floor plans are the next best thing to being there for someone who is viewing a home or property. They let viewers have a proactive experience when viewing a plan by being able to explore and discover the spaces and room relationships throughout the layout of the plan.

Recommended Software

Choosing the right program to create your floor plans is important and if you want to be able to appeal to people using mobile devices, which is now a huge percentage and growing, then HTML5 support is virtually essential as all of the above benefits can be realized. FLDraw is a title that ticks all the boxes and comes highly recommended if a feature rich program is what you're looking for to create your own interactive floor plans.


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      3 years ago

      Very interesting! Thank you for taking the time to share the information with us!


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