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Interesting Fact on Home Decor by using Die Cutting equipment

Updated on May 11, 2016

Chic mix of patterns

Mixing textures and patterns can enhance the visual interest of a room when you opt for a simple color palette.

Bold and vibrant

Quirky secondhand stuff and energetic colors can add a personality to your living space. Choose furniture and accent pieces in vibrant hues.

Rustic appeal

To give a rustic appeal to a space, go for things like antique wooden beams. They would contrast well with the modern furniture in a room.

Die cut designs

Cards, scrapbooks, and fabric and paper cuttings can make great decoration items. If you are good at die cutting, and have a die cutting equipment, cut out some cards and designs in fabric and paper using it. Stick them on walls and furniture, or hang them at suitable places.

Splendid gallery

An inexpensive way to achieve the splendor of a large art piece is displaying a grid of small frames. You may choose art works in the same theme for such a grid.

Black and White

A black and white color palette can give a sleek and modern look to any room.

Preppy color palette

If you have a room majority in a white palette, incorporate shades like navy and pink. Add hints of gold to make a statement.

Lively hues

Make your room cheerful and lively by displaying pops of bright golds, kelly green and graphic prints to create a look and feel, which is cohesive as well as interesting.

Turquoise splashes

In case you don’t want to stray far from neutral shades, opt for just a single shade you love, such as turquoise, and add a splash of color to the otherwise neutral room.

Elegance of the outdoors

If your room has an over-sized window, choose to place your couch under that. This would bring in the outdoor scene and the sunlight, and would let the outdoor scene become the focus in an otherwise neutral room.

Understated glamor

A neutral palette need not be boring always. Get some flea market finds and layer textures to avoid a flat look and make things interesting.

Go citrus

If you love the warm weather, make your rooms feel summery the whole year by adding pops of lime and lemon.

Big bookshelf

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf can serve as the accent wall of this room. It’s a great way to display your most prized items and books.

Color harmony

If you have furniture in traditional style, give a dash of regal style to it using rich purple accents. Cover the room floor with an over-sized rug for anchoring the conversation space.


Symmetry has its own unique look and feel. Go for choosing dual accents, like frames, pillows, lamps and coffee tables, to get a balanced look.

Airy and light

White couches have a special appeal, and look great when teamed up with garden-style accents such as a sage trim and floral rug. To make the look easier to clean and more practical, go for white slipovers.


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    • Fiona Jean Mckay profile image

      Fiona 8 months ago from South Africa

      It's a nice idea to use die cuts to decorate with - up until now I have only been using them to make cards. Nice article :)