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An Interior Designer Salary Would Depend On Capability, Training And Aptitude

Updated on July 27, 2011

Interior designer salary can vary from a low of $27,000 to a high of $83,000 and would very much depend on the experience, the portfolio of work, the training and exposure as well as the industry in which such an interior designer works.

Interior Design as a Career

Interior design is a career that is suitable for people with lots of imagination. It is not only room decoration that is part of an interior designer’s work, but an ability to design spaces and their effective and aesthetic use so that any such designed space looks natural and make it an area where the user of the space would feel comfortable to live or work in. There are a lot of technicalities involved in interior design, the main one being an ability to draw a blueprint for the room or space being designed. An interior designer has to be able to guide architects on where the walls, entries, and windows and doors should be located. The interior designer salary can only be considered well-earned if he or she is able to guide and decide the positioning of light fixtures and the type of lighting that can give the best effect.

Interior design ideas on tiling, carpeting and the materials need to be firmed up even before any decision is taken on accessories, furniture and window treatments. An interior designer needs to combine geometry, traditional skills and creative talents to produce a physical space that besides being interesting is also very efficient in its use of space, light, colors and ventilation. This requires a lot of imaginative work it and a need to understand the technical nature of the materials and engineering that goes into any structure. To make a career as an interior designer you require getting either a bachelor or graduate degree awarded by a recognized and accredited college or university.

Such degrees would prepare the student studying interior design not only space designing and other aesthetic subjects concerned with the field, but will also prepare them for a career by giving knowledge about public health, safety laws, environmental requirements, fire codes, budgeting and scheduling and project monitoring. An interior designer may also need to get additional certification and be a member of various associations.

The Duties of an Interior Designer

An interior designer salary would depend on how well he or she performs all the duties required during a project and the acceptance of the interior designer ideas that are proposed. Initially the interior designer will have to research the client’s needs and decide on the best use of space as per what the client wants and prepare necessary drawings accordingly. While preparing such drawings or documents to carry out the work, the designer will have to see that the design incorporates all public health and other regulations. Once this is done, the designer then has to apply the principle of aesthetics to the work and decide on the fixtures and furnishing. A budget has to be then prepared and approved by the client. Once this is done it is required to prepare detailed plans, invite bids for the project and decide on the agency to execute the work. Construction documents would then need to be prepared and once the work is started the progress of the project would have to be monitored and necessary coordination with other agencies involved in the total project will have to be kept in mind.


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