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Grass: An Invitation to Enjoy

Updated on November 18, 2013
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Neil grew up in Smithfield, Utah, on a hobby farm and learned gardening from his father and other area farmers that he worked with.

even picnic areas use grass to lure patrons
even picnic areas use grass to lure patrons

Growing Grass in the Desert.

Maintaining a lush inviting lawn need not guzzle a years supply of water or require weekly mowing for a few months of pleasure. Below are listed just a few of many varieties of lawn that are drought tolerant, and in most cases, low maintenance. Contact your local nursery for instructions on care and other seed options for your specific area. They should also be able to determine what kind of grass is already in the yard.

Turtle Turf
Pearl’s Premium
Zoysia grass
Bermuda grass
St. Augustine grass
Buffalo grass
Bahia grass

There is something about a well cared for lawn that draws us to it. The revitalizing force it has over humans, while largely anecdotal cannot be denied. It can draw off the stresses of everyday life as well as the heat of the day without chilling us to the bone. It is comparable to a good mattress, and completely natural, no additives or preservatives. There are few pleasures that compare to the joy of stretching out on a piece of well cared for lawn.
The benefits of grass as a major part of a garden are immense. Not only does it act as the perfect ground cover, preventing erosion without having to be replanted every year, but it invites visitors to move through the garden rather than watching from a distance. Large areas of lawn give the impression of a garden to be enjoyed. The lack of lawn gives the impression of ‘look but don't touch’.
Grass acts as a rug that never needs to be cleaned, and keeps the dirt outside the house, even during the wettest part of the year. Maintenance is the same or less than that required by other garden plants, and it is much more forgiving with respect to irregular watering. Brown lawn will usually grow back, other brown plants usually won't, and a healthy lawn will crowd out most weeds.
There are very few secrets to keeping a lawn green. First, water regularly. Watering once or twice a week will give the lawn deeper roots and allow it to be more forgiving. Mow it regularly, but make sure the mower is set near its highest level. This gives a softer feel to the lawn and helps it stay watered longer. Fertilize and aerate yearly as needed. Your local garden store can give you advice on these projects.
Extend an invitation to enjoy your garden. When planning or caring for the garden, never underestimate the value of large patches of lush green grass.



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    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 

      6 years ago from Earth

      On a side note: The lawn's worst enemies are lawn-mowing lunatics that mow every two or three days and those freaks that use week killer because they are too lazy to trim the edges; cheers!

    • raymondphilippe profile image

      Raymond Philippe 

      6 years ago from The Netherlands

      i enjoyed your hub on grass!


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