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Is Container Gardening Right For You?

Updated on May 20, 2009

Is Container Gardening Right For You?

Container gardening is one of the biggest and hottest gardening projects today, there are many reasons for this... so if you are wondering if container gardening is right for you please read on!

Why People Choose Container Gardening: The First Reason

The first reason and top reason people choose container gardening is because of how little space it takes. Anyone can container garden because it takes up so little room that even people who are living in apartments, condos and town homes can do it!

Space is something that most of us don't take for granted anymore, with so many people around living spaces just seem to keep getting smaller and smaller... a container garden on the other hand takes up about as much room as a coffee pot.

The Second Reason People Choose Container Gardening

The second reason people are choosing container gardening is because of the fact it is so much easier to care for then full sized gardens, whether this is for young children who don't have the patience for a regular sized garden or the elderly who are starting to have back pains and knee problems or just for the average person who doesn't have the time to care for a full fledged garden anymore, I mean come on, who has the time to care for a full garden unless that's their job? Not a lot of us anymore, in today's busy lifestyle container gardening has become even more popular.

People who just don't have the energy like they used to anymore and still love gardening will often opt into container gardening as well, think about it. You don't have to pull weeds, sow or loosen the dirt, or do nearly as much tending as you would have to do in a regular garden.

The Third Top Reason For Container Gardening

A lot of people choose container gardening because they want to enjoy the produce of their labors, herb gardens, and vegetable gardens are often chosen because of what they give back to the gardener, while flowers will give back beauty.. vegetables and herbs will put that fresh tasting success straight on your dinner plate!

One Ending Note

For reasons like above and many more people are choosing container gardening more and more, and if container gardening sounds like something you might want to try, give it a go and enjoy!

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