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Is it Wise to Shop Online for Your New HVAC System

Updated on January 31, 2016

Buying HVAC Equipment Online vs. Local Retailer

With the advent of the internet, buying HVAC systems online has started to become available in limited quantities and were really of no consequence to the way things were done. However, as time went by these online suppliers really began to disrupt the traditional HVAC supply outlets. Do it yourselfers and homeowners who are trying to save money by cutting out the full service HVAC contractor.

The folks who are buying this equipment at a discount, don't usually consider who or where it is coming from. Their idea is to now find an installation company who will also perform future maintenance. This has been deemed unacceptable by many HVAC companies who refuse to install equipment that wasn't purchased from them. There is a variety of good reasons that a professional wouldn't want to install equipment that has been purchased by a homeowner online, one of which is, the homeowner basically isn't properly educated when it comes to choosing the correct components or system that fits their needs. Next, handling warranty issues can raise a whole set of problems in itself. Yet another problem is the legal restriction with buying refrigerants.

Usually buying HVAC online will not end up saving you any money, because contractors who will install this equipment are going to charge the same amount that they would to install their own equipment. The benefits of buying HVAC online are very limited. Especially when buying locally is a viable option for you. When you deal with a local contractor with an actual brick and mortar store, you can always contact them if there is a problem and they are always there to stand behind equipment that you buy from them.

The bottom line with purchasing this type of equipment online is that, finding someone to install and or maintain it will more than likely be a problem. This is because the vast majority of professional HVAC contractors will refuse to provide any kind of service for equipment that is bought online.


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