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Is the Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning Process Effective?

Updated on December 28, 2019

I seldom use a carpet cleaning service because I own a fairly good machine, however, I did use Stanley Steemer recently and was disappointed. While my carpets were lightly soiled, there were a few spots that I could not get out, hence, Stanley Steemer.

The two man crew arrived and spent not more than 30 minutes after doing three good size rooms. I have move some furniture to help them before their arrival. I paid $110 with a $30 off coupon. Even at $110 for 30 minutes seemed much too high, let along, $140!

I asked them to focus on the stains I could not get out and left the room. After they were done, from a distance, things looked better, but not that much better. I was told after they had all packed their gear up, I could have got another room free since I had already pre-moved furniture. Huh, it was a little late for that!

Once they left, I conducted an experiment and got out my carpet cleaning machine, a Hoover Turbo Scrub50, filled it up with very hot water and cleaner. I went over the heavily soiled parts a few times and then did a room they had not done for comparison purposes.

It was shocking for me to see just how much dark, dirty, water, my clearner had picked up after Stanley Steemer had done it ! I was dismayed and unhappy. I dumped the water out, and did it again, and the same thing happened! How can this be, when Stanley Steemer claims to have a deep cleaning water infused system? I thought their suction would be WAY better than mine, but maybe not? After I changed the water, I did the room they had not, and of course, lots of dirty water came.

I suspect that either my experience with Stanley Steemer is an anomaly attributed to a crew that just rushed through the situation doing a half-ass job and\or the suction they used was weak and not better than my own unit. In fact, the guy told me that my carpets only needed their cleaning once a year and that my own cleaner was plenty good for picking up top level dirt and soil. Maybe my carpets were cleaner than many, but the proof remains in the amount of dirt I picked up AFTER they had left.

When my wife came home after work, her comments said it all: " The carpets look no different than when you do it".

Bottom line is that it was $110 wasted and in this case, Stanley Steemed failed.


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