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It Is Not Easy to Be a Master Grower

Updated on June 9, 2017

Master Grower

Becoming a Master Grower

It is not easy to be a Master Grower. To refer to someone as a Master Grower is truly a supreme compliment. You could compare a master grower to a Five star Chef. In the world of culinary arts you have, cooks, chefs, sous chefs, second in command in the kitchen, executive chefs the creative and operational experts, and at the top five star chefs executive chefs filled with knowledge expertise and positive personal traits working at a five star restaurant. A true Chef not only has a passion for cooking they have a wealth of knowledge about what ingredients go well together where and how ingredients are sourced and endless details about levels of heat and timing. How long do you cook it bake it once you have mixed it. This expertise usually comes with years of experience in the kitchen, dialog with mentors, endless trial and error, and willingness to experiment by try new things.

Master growers are the same way. Growers that set records and win awards for robust growing plant hardiness, and the plant productivity of their crops are rarely rookies. For those that grow plants there are amateur gardeners, hobbyists, professional gardeners, farmers, and at the top of the profession is the Master Growers. Many farmers are certainly Master Growers. I am not one of them In fact, I keep trying to improve my growing skills so I won’t be embarrassed to call myself an amateur in training. But I have great respect for those who have earned the status of being called a Master Grower. It may seem corny, or redundant to say that farmers are down to earth, but I think anyone who has ever gotten to know a farmer would say they are the definition of down to earth.


Variety of knowledge

Most master growers would tell you I could write a book about growing. Their knowledge is content that could fill a series of books. They must be experts in knowing about each kind of plant they’re grow from genetics to growth cycles. They must be experts at soils. They must be experts at the indoor or outdoor environmental conditions for growth. They are experts at lighting, indoor or sunshine. They must be chemists. They must be pest control experts. They must be aware of the needs of their customers. They must adopt best practices for nutrients and plant enhancement products and how to apply them, dosing and frequency. They must know plant diseases and how to prevent/control them A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and a Master Grower must have strong links at every step.

Skills and Creativity

A worthy trait for all of us is a willingness to try new things. As must as Master Growers know learning and teaching are second nature and they are always willing to try new things. Master Growers never stop learning and are willing to share their ever expanding knowledge with others. They are forever sharpening the axe.

Attention to detail – Work Ethic - Devotion to the Girls

Tending to a crop for an entire growing season requires an incredible work ethic, attention to detail, and devotion to the plants Master growers often refer to their plants as their girls In the same way that a parent cares for a young child master growers accept the responsibility of caring for their plants cheerfully.

Green Thumb

The concept of a Green Thumb is highly overrated. It basically says that you have some sort of God given ability to make plants grow vigorously with little or no effort, like somebody that can heal the sick by simply touching them. I believe strongly in the power of positive energy. However, I think that in most cases having growing success is like what my Dad used to say I find that the harder I work the luckier I get I think there is no substitute for both knowing what to do and then having the discipline and work ethic to do it, and do it consistently. That is the Master Grower filled with the luck of hard work and knowledge.

Psychic Reward

Most people that grow for a living do not do it just for the money. They tend to find a spiritual connection with the plants and get an enormous psychic reward for growing the best, healthiest and most productive plants possible It doesn’t appear on the paycheck but it is a major part of the compensation package.

Advice to Investors

In the medicinal and edible cannabis industry follow the pros and value their certifications. Don’t take chances with your crop or with the satisfaction of your customers. The medicinal cannabis industry is often referred to as the Green Rush, comparable to the American Gold Rush of 1849. In the past decade, Master Growers growing medicinal cannabis have become Rock Stars. They are highly sought after for their skills and experience. They are well paid and often offered equity interest in major grow operations.

My advice to investors that hire these highly skilled individuals is simple: If you employ a Master Grower, give them the tools they need to do the job right. I find that it is common for owners to pay top dollar in compensation to employ a master grower, and then nickel dime the professional when they recommend a lighting system, environmental controls watering systems, and nutrients to grow the very best highest quality, purest plants. You would not send a soldier into battle without the proper weapons. Do not expect your master grower to perform to their potential if they do not have the proper tools.

The Medicinal Cannabis industry has emerged as a very demanding market. Lets face it, if you are growing anything that people are eating or smoking, natural and organic is the way to go. Imagine giving a patient medicine that is loaded with pesticide residue. Sadly, that went on for a long time. These days patients are becoming more selective and the states regulating the Medicinal Cannabis industry are even stricter. The states of Colorado and Washington have shut down Medicinal Cannabis dispensaries that were found selling medicine with pesticide residue.

Trending Toward Professionalism

The Federal government still classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, in the same category as heroin and cocaine This glaring misclassification will not stand. It is just a matter of time before it is rescheduled.

The medical and edible cannabis market and the recreational cannabis marketplace is rapidly maturing. There will always be Pot Heads, people that have enjoyed smoking pot and getting high. They have done it for generations. But, with the advent of marijuana as a medicine, and the incredible stories about its magical healing powers, it has vaulted into the limelight. As they say. Follow the money. There are fortunes to be made in growing and providing the very best and purest marijuana plant products. As the free market has taken it over professional people have latched onto the incredible opportunities to help people and make financial gains at the same time. People that treat it as a business take it very seriously. They spend a lot of time learning the laws being compliant and learning best practices.

Boutique Growers

A Boutique grower is the one at the highest end of the growing chain. They are fanatical about doing everything right regardless of the expense. They grow naturally, organically and demand OMRI, Organic Materials Review Institute listed nutrients, and do not use synthetic pesticides. These growers are able to charge top dollar for their medicine and tend to have a waiting list of patients and dispensaries where their product is sold before they grow it. Growing naturally used to be nice to do. It is now a Must do.

Organigrow Network

By nature, cannabis growers tend to be secretive. Whether they are growing medical cannabis, cannabis for edibles, or for recreational use, the fact that it is now legal in so many states does not mean that the growers want to let you know who they are. Some of the best growers and processors of medicinal cannabis, the ones with the most experience have been growing pot for a long time, long before it became legal. After a lifetime of being in an anonymous mode old habits die hard. Also in spite of the fact that it is legal, with many people there is still a stigma about cannabis, and a lot of misinformation. For generations it has been referred to as the evil weed, and in most cases for political reasons.

There is a group of professional Master Growers that belong to the Organigrow Network. Several have won awards for growing cannabis. The Organigrow Network is an international group of people that are passionate about growing healthy plants and helping people to grow.

Their motto is A Healthy Planet, Healthy Plants, and Healthy People. The Organigrow Network encourages people to grow fruits vegetables and medicinal plants by reducing or eliminating harmful synthetic plant growth enhancers and pesticides and replacing them with all natural, Organibliss™ and OrganiSuperSoil™ soil amendment. Members of the Network have been willing to share their knowledge and to discuss best growing practices with other growers including new growers just starting out that need to learn everything about growing. What better pool of experts are there to vet these technologies than a group of Master Growers bringing their knowledge and expertise forward for the advancement of the industry. Nutrient selection, plant health enhancement, the best rhizome enhancement, and other best practices can be sharpened with the aid of Master Growers. They lead others to that expertise level and have earned the right to be called Master Grower by their peers.

So, if it is your goal to become a Master Grower you should consider connecting with this highly talented and diverse Network. Just remember, it is not easy to be a Master Grower but it is rewarding.


James E. Kostrava is CEO & Founder of Organibliss, LLC. Organibliss is an all-natural, organic OMRI Listed plant growth enhancer. OrganiSuperSoil is an all-natural powdered soil enhancer. He can be contacted at Organibliss, LLC, 2007 Austin Street, Suite B, Midland, Michigan 48642 USA. 989 839-2342

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