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KREG KMA3200 Shelf Pin Drilling Jig

Updated on December 15, 2012


There is this adage where I come from that normally try to exonerate badly built tools. This adage was believed hook, line and sinker sometime ago but with people coming to realize what the truth is, they are now doing everything possible to counter the adage. The adage says that a bad workman always quarrels with his tools. But in essence, some tools are very bad, and when you use them, you cannot expect to get the type of productivity you get when you make use of the good ones. This is true and nothing but the truth.

There are drilling jigs in the market of today and many have been used in construction. But only one can give you what you want in the best way. It makes your drilling job a hobby and an exercise you will cherish. A friend once said that after using this to drill some hole inside the steel of his louver glasses, he decided to go into the work of fixing glasses for people. This is what you get when you make use of the KREG KMA3200 Shelf Pin Drilling Jig. It is designed to weigh 11.20 ounces. It has a length of 4.25 inches, a width of 2 inches and a height of 87 inches.

designed with hardened and very strong steel drives

This product is designed with hardened and very strong steel drives that will ensure very precise and accurate drilling. It also has some things you will not find in other jigs. The locating pin will allow you locate the last hole you just drilled even when you are not looking at it. They are also designed to connect multiple jigs. This is a sort of multitasking that is carried out by its jig extender. When you purchase this product for all your drilling needs, you will get a shelf pin jig, locating pin, jig extender, 1/4inch drill bit, depth collar, Allen wrench, an instruction manual and four 1/4inch shelf pins.

The hardened steel will make sure your drilling is straight. The locating pin will then give you the function of accurate and precise spacing to make the job neater. You don’t need to drill untidy looking holes all over the body of the steel. The best part of this jig is that it is designed with a lot of decency and portability. It has a handy and secure storage space that is designed for the locating pin and drill bit located right on the body of the jig. You will not need any other packs for this product which is very strong and accurate in whatever it gives you.

KREG KMA3200 Shelf Pin Drilling Jig


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