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Keep Frogs Away From Your Porch

Updated on September 22, 2017

There are people who love frogs, snakes and all living things. I'm one of those people who don't mind those things just as long as they don't invade my space. If and when they do invade my space, one of us has to vacate the premises. I pay the bills so that means that I will not tolerate any kind of invasion by any creepy crawlers or any slimy hoppy things. I can't do it. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

With Rain Comes Frogs

We got a lot of rain last week due to remnents of hurricane Harvey making his way up to northern Mississippi. I live on the second floor of my apartment building. The morning after the storm we leave out the front door to take my son to the bus stop. We didn't notice anything, because we weren't looking for anything. I come back and open my screen door and unlock my front door and as I turn around to close my screen door I see it. A frog stuck to the inside of my screen door and I freak out! My heart is racing as I scramble to figure out how to remove it. It's a small tree frog, but it's still a frog. How did I not see it when we left out. So I quickly calm myself I open the screen door wide and I take the handle of my broom and knock him down and escort him off the porch to the sidewalk below. I breath a sigh of relief and as I turn to go back into the house there's another stuck to the front door. So this whole time he was sitting there just chilling. OMG! Freak out mode once again! My main goal was to not let him inside the house so I slowly opened the door as to not disturb him. He was slightly bigger than the other one. I slide inside and I closed the door enough to allow me to use my broom to sweep him off the door and he landed on my patio chair. I swept him off the porch too. So now I'm really freaking out. I'm thinking that if there were two on both of my doors, could another one have slipped into the house without me noticing it when we first left out? After I pulled all of the furniture out and looked behind everything, I was confident that none were in the house.

The following morning there was no rain and there were no frogs and I thought that they were gone forever. Think again sister girl. I wasn't thinking and we were running late for the bus. I quickly opened the door to check the temp and I left it open to grab my sons backpack. I turn around and my son is just staring at the table by the door and he wouldn't take his eyes of it. I put his backpack on and I asked, "What are you looking at son?" He started pointing at the basket I have on the table. I'm looking and I don't see anything. Then it hops from the basket to the wall behind the couch. I quickly pull out the couch and my heart is racing yet again as I grab the broom and sweep it off the wall and out the door. This was my worst fear that had just become a reality. I had to do something to keep them from getting inside of my screen door.

Frogs Hate Salt

I did some research and it took some digging on how to keep frogs away from your porch. I came upon some natural ways to keep them away from your garden and plants. Salt was the best method I could use and it's what I had on hand. Frogs don't like the way salt feels on their feet. So I salted the porch slightly so my neighbors wouldn't think that I'm having some sort of seance. For the last few mornings there have been no signs of my new slimy little friends. Thank goodness.


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