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Keep Your Home Safe from Unwanted Elements

Updated on October 28, 2014

In big cities as well as in countryside, home security has become a big problem. Though technology is advancing, thieves too are getting advanced to break up the new security appliances and so, stress and fear of home-owners are increasing day by day. To ensure the security of your home, you can adopt some methods, which are simple apparently, but are equally effective to reduce your stress and ensure safety of your home.


Locking the home is an ancient home security method which we are using till date. You should take proper care of all your locks.

Lock your home even though you go out for just a short time.

When you move in a new home, change all its locks.

Loiding is a method of house-breaking in which a plastic credit card is inserted against the latch tongue to press and open it. Spring-latch lock is often prey to this method. Best way is dead-lock. Remember a deadlock too won’t be any more effective if there is a gap between your door and its frame, as burglars can insert a hacksaw through it.

If your keys are lost, change locks at once.

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Door is the main entrance to your home and it should be secured first when you take measures to secure your home. Install firstly 1-inch throw deadbolt locks on all the outer doors.

If there is a big gap between the door and the frame, it is a free invitation to burglars to get entry to your home. Strengthen the door with a ¾ inch plywood panel or a metal sheet.

Outside hinges are always harmful. They make it easy for the burglars to knock out the hinge pins and get inside. If you have got such hinges, refurbish the door with inside hinges on priority.

Rotten doors too are free invitation to burglars. Replace them, if you have any, with solid new doors.

Glass panel doors too are easy for thieves to cut open and enter the house. If you have glass panels on the doors, fortify them, replace them or secure them with deadbolts that can be opened only with a key.


Windows are also good entrances for trespassers. Secure your windows with good locks, burglar-resistant glass, alarm systems and a number of small panes instead of a single large one.

Window lock should be secured by dripping some solders on the screw heads to prevent burglars from unscrewing the locks when they make a hole in the windowpane.


Intercom presents convenience of dealing with the visitors from the comfort of your home. But it can be a threat to your home security too. Intercom should be used carefully so that it can be a good home safety measure.

Firstly when you know through intercom that there is a guest for you, you should never let him or her inside the building without a strong confirmation about their identity. You have chances to become less careful when you are expecting somebody. Don’t assume readily that it is your guest when intercom buzzes. Same way, when you have a party and a lot of people are expected, being super conscious is necessary. Take some seconds for talking to each guest and after confirming about their identity, take them in.

If the intercom is broken or has some problem, let your landlord know immediately about the problem. Intercom is not just a convenience tool. It is an important safety tool and so if it is not buzzing or not letting you hear clearly your guests’ voices, you should bring that to the notice of your landlord as soon as possible.

Being lazy is always easy, till some calamity doesn’t occur. Therefore, you should be always alert to keep your beloved nest safe from unwanted elements.

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