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Keep your home when times get tough!

Updated on October 6, 2015
Hardship doesn't have to necessarily mean to become homeless!
Hardship doesn't have to necessarily mean to become homeless! | Source

There are Options!

North Carolina is just one of many States that have been hit with the Merry Christmas surprise for many Unemployed that found out (or didn't) right before Christmas that their unemployment extensions had been ...blown into thin air!

There were no notifications; just a hardly noticeably comment on their website! Only after multiple complaints did the website mark and explain it more clearly!

But the loss of or uncertain future of those unemployed does not have to include homelessness! There are people that care!

What is the Fund?

The fund is a tool for struggling North Carolina homeowners that can provide a interest-free loan paid out in monthly payments directly to the mortgage company. It pays up to $36,000 of house payments (mortgage) and related expenses for up to 36 months!

While you are sleeping hopefully nightmare free and concentrate on retraining or searching for a new job!

There are certain requirements to qualify and limitations (such as the length of how long you have to keep your house afterwards to not have to pay back the loan/part of it), but it is for many the opportunity of a lifetime to keep their home while times are tough!

Even if you don't think you can qualify, it doesn't hurt to ask! You may be positively surprised!

And isn't your home worth fighting for?

What is involved?

You can either use the website listed below or the phone number listed on the website to find out if you meet the first eligibility requirements.
It includes a tab/link that is named 'Am I Eligible?' on the top. Or you can talk to a consultant via the phone number.

The next step is to find a local office/counselor. You will probably be required to attend a briefing that will give you a very good idea of what to expect and what to do. You will also be provided with a list of paperwork to bring.
And yes, being a government project, THERE IS A LOT OF PAPERWORK!

Some of the items needed are (it may or may not vary between locations)
- 2 months worth of bank statements
- Deed of Trust
- General Deed
- Promissory Note
- Proofs of income such as Unemployment verification letters
- Proof of Foodstamps
- Mortgage Statement
- Proof of enrollment in School (such as college)
- Credit Report
- Prior year tax return (signed)
and several other documents pertaining to different situations.

After turning all the documentation in, it can take roughly two weeks or so for the first 'signs of life', which are probably requests for more documentation.

The complete process, if it made it pass the first hurdle, can take anywhere between 30-60 days!

It seems like a more or less complicated process, but keeping the home you love should be worth the effort!

And not having to worry about a house-payment will make the 'survival' a whole lot more easier!


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    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Great hub.

      Life is the same here in Las Vegas. Many families have lost jobs then thier homes. Our unemployment rate is 12.6%.

      vote up and awesome, Joyce.

    • daleamy profile image

      daleamy 5 years ago from Spring Hill, TN

      Thanks for the information. I'm sure there are some struggling people out there who feel like there is no hope for them. Now they know they have some options!