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Choosing a Kids Art Table with Storage

Updated on March 10, 2014

An Art Desk with Storage to Encourage Kids to Clean Up

Does your budding artist leave a mess of art and craft supplies after she's done creating? Do things go missing just when she's ready to quietly paint? If your answer is yes to both, consider getting her a kids art table with storage to encourage her to keep all her supplies neat and tidy while she does her art work.

There are plenty of art desks that are made of plastic or wood or a combination of both. They have various storage features like trays, cup holders and paper holders, so you don't need to buy separate units just for art supply storage. You can also find some nice colors that will go with the room décor or pick a design that will inspire creativity in your child.

Some art desks come with two or more chairs, so they're good if you have two or more children or frequently have your child's friends over to share in the fun. In fact, they're even good for a school classroom!

Depending on your needs, you'll find some top rated kids art desks with storage, from simple wooden tables with chairs to complete art stations. Let's take a look at some options.

Best Value Art Tables for Kids

If you don't have a large budget to furnish your little Picasso's room, have no fear! A good art desk doesn't have to break the bank. Here are some really good options that cost less than $100.

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A push button overhead lightA dry erase surface opens up to reveal more storage
A push button overhead light
A push button overhead light
A dry erase surface opens up to reveal more storage
A dry erase surface opens up to reveal more storage

Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk

There are other similar versions of this colorful art desk, but this one is the most popular and is also very budget friendly. Every storage compartment on this unit is within easy reach of the little artist who can sit on the included straight backed chair.

The large work surface features molded compartments and holders on the side and at the back, while the center has a dry erase white board on a hinged edge that opens up to reveal a storage compartment underneath.

A top shelf and adds more compartments for supplies and underneath that is a push button light to give the child more light while she works. The surface rests on two "legs" that have large vertical bins built into them to hold books and finished art work.

This art unit measures 31.2 inches in height, 20.2 inches in width and 35.5 inches in length and is suitable for kids up to 7 years of age.

Step2 Build And Store Block And Activity Table

This art table is good for arts and crafts and even for assembling building block sets.

The work surface is large enough to seat two children but the unit comes with only one stool. The surface also includes two removable block base plates that are compatible with blocks from Lego and Mega Bloks. When done with them, there is a place underneath the table in the supports to store them.

The surface includes 4 molded cup holders and two removable trays for small art supplies. The table supports feature molded shelves that can hold the four included clear plastic bins. You can store building blocks and art supplies in these bins.

Kids Art Easel Desk

Kids seem to like standing up and drawing. Why do you think your walls may suddenly have doodles appear on them every now and then?! Combat the problem by giving them an easel that also works as an art table with storage.

The Step2 Company Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel features a magnetic dry-erase easel board that can be flipped down to transform into a work surface for drawing and other work and play. There is storage for small art supplies behind the easel and there is a molded cup holder and two small and two large bins underneath for larger item storage.

A stool is included with the desk.

Wooden Kids Art Desk with Paper Roll

When those rolls of paper get away it's not so easy to roll it all back up again! If you have a dedicated paper holder securely attached to the desk, your kid will find it easy to pull out just enough to use, while the rest of the roll is still in place.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Super Art Table with Paper Roll

This award winning art table is made of quality hardwood and can seat up to four children, as it comes with two benches. The table surface is finished with chalkboard and a paper roll holder hangs underneath, with a slot through which the paper can be pulled out.

Three plastic cups on one side can hold pencils, paint brushes and other craft supplies, while the other side features a built in canvas bag to hold art books, paper and paint bottles. It also comes with a child-safe paper cutter.

The table top is 16" high and the design makes it a suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 10.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio My Art Desk

This is another award winning desk that is made completely of hardwood. The surface is made of chalkboard and can either be positioned flat or tilted forward, so the child can be as comfortable as possible while using it.

There are two cup holders on each side of the table with plastic cups to hold various art supplies. Underneath is a paper roll holder that allows the paper to be pulled upwards and over the outer edge of the desk.

The unit comes with a comfortable chair that has a shelf at the back to store paper and coloring books.

The surface of the desk is 34" high.

Wooden Art Desk for Kids

Simple wooden desks have a charm all their own and good quality pieces will last through the years, so all your children can benefit from a good one for many years.

KidKraft Art Table with Drying Rack and Storage

There's no need for your kid to spread his paintings around the house to get them to dry if he has his own drying rack! This composite wood table provides that along with a paper roll holder underneath. The holder can be rotated using a wooden knob at the side to release more paper which can be guided up through an open slot on the table's surface.

There are also three storage compartments for art supplies - two at the bottom on both the short sides of the table, with one of them divided in the center. These can hold books and larger supplies. Above those are a tray with shallow storage and two plastic cups in holders on one side, and a drying rack for sheets of wet paper on the other side.

The unit measures 50" W x 25.5" D x 21" H and needs to be assembled.

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South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table for Older Kids

As your kids get older they use more tools and accumulate lots of supplies so they need more storage space and of course, a higher table!

This white MDF craft table is wonderfully flexible as it can be assembled in two different ways to suit the artist or scrapbooker. The work surface measures 53.5" by 23.75" and the two side modules are configurable to give you shallow and deep drawers, a sliding shelf, 5 slanted shelves and cubby holes. The height overall is 30".

This unit does take some time for 2 adults to assemble but the instructions are easy to follow. The white finishing is all over, so this unit can be placed anywhere in the room and it will look good.

Kids Art Table and Chairs with Storage Bins

If you have two young children or a child who has friends come over frequently, this set of table and two chairs can work well in his room. It's great for art work and playing with figurines or construction sets and is made of finished MDF and solid wood for sturdiness.

Below the table's surface are two rows of wooden slats that can hold the 3 plastic bins that are provided.

This kids art table with storage measures 31.5-inch wide by 18.125-inch deep by 19.625-inch high. This makes it suitable for 4 kids to sit at if you add two more chairs.

Take a look at the amazing features of the Step2 Deluxe Art Master Desk

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