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Kids Off to College? What to Do With That Spare Bedroom

Updated on September 30, 2010
Turn that spare bedroom into the sewing oasis you've always wanted
Turn that spare bedroom into the sewing oasis you've always wanted

What to do when you have a newly emptied bedrooom. It doesn’t just sit there does it? No, never. Something is always done with it. Laundry gets piled on the bed. Boxes of holiday ornaments fill the closet. Before long, it's just a catchall room for all the stuff you don't want to deal with.

Think of this scenario for a moment. Your kid(s) have just left for college. But you have gained a new member of the family. A head full of new ideas for sewing. To prepare for this vibrant new life, claim that room for it. A sewing room. There are so many possibilities and changes you can make. I’m not referring to a new paint job or major remodeling, though that could be part of it. This is a place where your ideas can take shape and form and spring to life. Whether you enjoy sewing, quilting, spinning, or anything else for that matter, this is your domain. Treat it with love and respect. And maybe even show it how much you care with some new equipment.

If you sew, then you probably covet one or more larger machines. This may by the first time you have space to give them. They came in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. If you’re looking to save space and money, though, you might want to consider purchasing a combination machine. An example of this is a Janome Memory Craft machine, a model that does both embroidery and sewing. You can also find combination sergers and coverstitch machines which eliminate the need for separate overlockers. Keep in mind that you should always look for a high quality brand. Buying cheaper combo machines often leads to breakage and more money spent in the long run. Nobody wants to spend more than they truly need too.

Next, we move on to dress forms. Yes! Finally you have room for a real body double to do fittings on. (You may never have to sew an elastic waistband ever again.) Adjustable dress dummies such as “My Double” by Dritz are wonderful because you can make garments for lots of different people. And they're relatively cheap. However, if you want to splurge, you can certainly find a model with your specific measurements. The downside to these is that you can’t adjust them, so it’s more of a “one size fits all” type of deal.

With all of this fabric lying around, you’re going to need a good iron. Specifically, a professional steam iron and/or garment steamer. The excess steam makes the painstaking task of ironing much faster and more efficient. The more quality tools you have, the easier and more enjoyable your sewing experiences will become. When purchasing a steamer, it’s good to research your brands. I recommend a Conair or Rowenta model when purchasing one of these.

Finally, you're going to need some place to store your supplies and equipment. Specialty sewing tables designed to hold your machine tell the world your hobby will no longer take a backseat. You can find brands with built in storage and organizing compartments to keep your fabric stash out of sight.

So before that room turns into a storage area, why not claim it as your own? Make it your domain; be free and express the amazing creative seamstress that you are.


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