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Kitchen Light Fixtures

Updated on May 12, 2010

Kitchen Lighting in Your Home

In almost every home, the room that is used most is the kitchen. The kitchen is where 3 meals each day are spent, the room where you entertain large parties, and the place where you visit as family members come and go. As the central place of your home, its important that the Kitchen have the look, feel, and most importantly, the lighting to make the room perfect for you and your family.

Options for kitchen light fixtures are almost limitless. The important thing to remember is that your home reflects you. If you prefer a traditional, historical, artistic, contemporary, or futuristic looking room, there are light fixtures and lighting techniques to help you achieve the look and feel you want most.

It is important to remember that lighting can have a huge impact on any room in your home. knowing this, it is essential that the style of light fixture that you choose for your kitchen also provides the lighting so the rest of the room receives the stylistic presence you're looking for. It may be a good idea to check with professional designers before continuing with your kitchen lighting efforts.

Designers can provide insight into a wider variety of kitchen light fixtures that you may not be able to discover on your own. Additionally, they may have ideas on how to create custom fixtures to add an original and unique feel to your kitchen.

Kitchen Light Fixture

Kitchen Light Fixtures come in an endless variety.
Kitchen Light Fixtures come in an endless variety.

Lighting Over the Kitchen Island

The centerpiece of almost all modern kitchens is the island located in the center of the kitchen.  Islands are used to prepare and consume food.  As the center of the kitchen, the lighting around the island needs to be perfect.  

The lighting around the kitchen island should illuminate the area and draw attention of any guest in the kitchen.  The Kitchen Light Fixture for the island should not distract from the island itself. 

Ceiling lights are often used over an island in the kitchen in place of a specific light fixture.  These ceiling lights are simple enough that they add to the kitchen but do not take away from it.  Recess lighting is also used to completely draw the focus away from any fixture and focus it on the island in the center of the kitchen. 

Deciding on whether to go with recess lighting or kitchen light fixtures above your island should fit with the rest of the overall design of the kitchen and goal you have for the focus of your guests. 

Additional Lighting

In addition to the main kitchen light fixture, other lighting around the kitchen is important.  Different options include adding light for effective ambient and feel, adding accent lights throughout the kitchen to allow for additional feel and other focus points to the kitchen. 

Accent lights are perfect above sync, a potential desk area in the kitchen, or over china cabinets.  Adding lighting below cabinets can help with preparation of meals as well as add a slight design touch to the kitchen.  

Kitchen Light fixtures are a great addition to a room, but too many fixtures can distract guests and family members.  Additionally, cleaning kitchen light fixtures can be time consuming and difficult.  You may consider other built in lighting options for other areas around your kitchen. 

Built in Lighting is an additional lighting option to compliment kitchen light fixtures.  Some of these built in light features throw light and shadows against the wall to get the perfect color against the paint in your kitchen.  

Kitchen Table Light Fixtures

If hanging fixtures from your ceiling or building them into your cabinets is not the direction you'd like to go, you can also add kitchen lighting through table light fixtures. Adding light fixtures to a table draws attention to the table and accents its presence in the overall design of your kitchen.

Like the other kitchen lighting we've discussed, table light fixtures come in a wide variety of options.  

While table light fixtures add attention to your kitchen table, it also takes up space that you could use during meals. If you host thanksgiving dinner or other meals it may be wise to reconsider including a fixture on your table.


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