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Wall Photo Displays

Updated on December 4, 2019

Family Creativity

The kitchen wall is a great place to display your favorite family photos! De-clutter the refrigerator door and add a stylish photo display to that special wall,

Creative Photo Display

The Dilemma

Do your family and friends send pictures of their children with their annual Christmas cards? These can be great photos, but what do you do with them? Is your refrigerator covered with these important photos, stuck to the door with cute little magnets? My refrigerator front looked like a disaster area. Are you tired of the refrigerator door clutter? I was!

My refrigerator door was covered with adorable shots of nieces, nephews and even my own children. I loved the photographs but not the visual chaos created by the numerous captured memories! How can I display my collection and look more organized and orderly?

The Solution

I had used a cork board on my kitchen wall for several years. It was convenient for appointment cards and small memorable items l had collected over time. In addition to my cluttered refrigerator door, my kitchen cork board had become unsightly. It was time for a fresh look.

Removing everything from the cork board was easy. Most of it found its way to the trash. This cleanup was long overdue! The various pictures and picture cards of our children and nieces and nephews became the new theme for the board. Using colorful tacks, I placed the most recent collectible photos on my board. As more updated pictures arrived, I exchanged the older version for the newest picture. My board filled quickly.

This cute display of youthful faces has become my prayer board. As I open the freezer door, I pray for the child that stands out from the sea of faces. I love this board!

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Expansion Could Be In Plans

My board is full and additional great nieces and nephews are demanding their own space! A bigger board will allow more photos to be displayed. I may extend the board by adding another one underneath the original board Or a search through the local craft store may provide something more appealing than my original idea. With the expansion, I might decorate the edges or rim for added color.

As grandchildren are born into our family, I will add a board or two to include photos at various stages of their growth! I can't wait!

Use your own creativity to create a special wall! My kitchen wall space is limited. You may have a larger area available. A hallway or bedroom wall could also provide a great location for your board.

Keep your theme focused. You may need to limit your selection to children or grandchildren. Additional boards can be added with different themes. Photos can be laminated to protect them,

i created a wall for my Mom with numerous 12 X12 inch cork boards filled with family photos. We added more boards over time. It was quite a conversation piece.

Rescue your refrigerator from chaos! Add color and interest to your kitchen wall with family fun! See you at the craft store!


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