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Kohler Courage XT Push Mower: How to Change the Oil

Updated on July 17, 2012
Kohler Courage Xt Push Mower
Kohler Courage Xt Push Mower | Source


These instructions are for models Kohler XT Xt-6, XT-6.5, XT-7, XT8

How to Change the Oil On a Kohler Courage Push Mower

Maintaining your Kohler push mower is very important to extend the life of your Kohler push mower. Your oil should be changed at least once a year.

There are instructions for both models of Kohler push mowers. Some Kohlers come with an oil plug some don’t.


1) Locate your dipstick/oil cap

2) Clean around the oil cap with a rag. This will ensure no debris gets into your lawn mower engine.

3) Remove your oil cap/dipstick

4) Tilt the push mower on its side with the air filter facing up. While draining the oil in your oil pan.

5) Pore oil out until the crankshaft is completely empty.

6) Turn your lawn mower back over. Ensuring all four wheels are on the ground.

7) Look at your dipstick it indicates how much oil to to pore into your crankshaft. Fill up to the line where it indicates the oil level.

8) Replace the dipstick/oil cap make sure it is secure. Only hand tight.

If you have a crankcase plug. Follow these instructions.

1) Disconnect spark plug.

2) Clean around the oil cap.

3) Unscrew and remove your oil cap/dipstick

4) Remove the oil plug at the bottom of your Kohler engine.

5) Drain the oil in the oil pan until completely empty.

6) Replace oil plug.

7) File crankshaft with new oil. Until the oil level reaches the line.

8) Replace oil/cap and secure cap hand tight.

9) Properly dispose of your old Kohler engine oil.

10) Replace your spark plug wire.


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